Monday, February 16, 2009

Can They Think For Themselves??

I was watching a bit of Bill Maher's appearance on the Larry King show tonight and once again I was struck by the same thought when listening to people like him - he didn't 'explain' many of his opinions or ideas. When talking about the stimulus vs pork bill, he said that people only think it is full of pork from listening to talk radio hosts like Limbaugh (Rush). He went on to pretty much quote Pres Obama verbatim (saying "it's a spending bill, duhhhh", etc). I listened to the segment, and answers to some other un-related questions when it hit me like it always does - I don't very often hear people that support the stimulus (or oppose Right Wing radio hosts' views) actually 'explain' about their ideas/opinions. It annoys me because when I listen to Levin, Hannity, Wilkow, Church etc on Sirius, they go into great detail, pulling up either the Constitution or laws, past ideas, naming the people they talk about, provide sound bites and quotes, tell you where to go to look up the information yourself, etc. It's not just an opinion, they support it with facts, figures, ideas... but then Bill Maher walks along and just says "they are listening to talk radio" and specifically names Rush Limbaugh. Ummm... okay then Billy if you are so up with the lingo, why don't you explain why YOU, a tax paying citizen of the United States, think this is going to work and are willing to risk your hard earned cash to support it. Don't quote the rhetoric already spewed by the president and others, look things up, support your ideas, and then get back to us, okay?

I also thought his comments were quite brash seeing as he was on a CNN program and I have seen at least 3 different anchors discussing their distrust of the bill. On the Lou Dobbs show, No Bias No Bull, and Issues... so is Maher saying those CNN hosts are getting their ideas from Limbaugh and not using their own heads? That's pretty bold to spout on a CNN show. I have never listened to Limbaugh's show myself so that counts me out for getting my ideas from him (yes I listen to others but since Maher singled out Rush, I'll go with that). Is he saying that every person in the US who is nervous about this bill got it from listening to talk radio, or from someone else that tunes in? It's quite ridiculous and actually pretty offensive.

I also noticed he talked out of his arse and pretty much put himself in Double Jeaprody later... while discussing US security issues, Maher commented that Sept 11th happened on Bush's watch (eluding that it was his 'fault'), but also commented that terrorists take years to plan their attacks. So,,, since Bush was only in office less than a year before the 9-11 attacks, did he not just say that the attacks were planned during Clinton's time? Hmm? He was trying to put it out that if an attack happens during Obama's campaign it will be because the planning started during Bush's time (therein lies the fault).... but that does not coincide with his comment about 9-11 happening on 'Bush's Watch' does it? Are you confused? Well, so am I. Maher was talking out of his butt and in his attempt to explain himself, he mucked it all up. I wonder if someone will point it out to him later or if they will just keep quiet and try not to disturb the peace?

At any rate, after watching those few minutes I could not stomach it any more. When I finally hear a supporter explaining in proper detail how exactly all of those little 'pork/non pork' parts of the bill will work, and explain how they are not pet projects and the best possible way the money could be spent, I will post it here.

But don't hold your breath!

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