Monday, February 16, 2009

More join the 'other' side....

Former Astronaut speaks out on Global Warming

and just as a side note, because I can't be bothered to start another post heading --- have you ever thought about how much the US relies on Canada? We seem to know that we rely on America for many things, but I wonder if the realization is reciprocated? I was talking to my friend that lives in New Brunswick (just over the border from Maine) and found out that Maine brings it's garbage to NB to dump it. If things go sour between Canada and the US over some of these sticky issues cropping up from the President and the Stimulus and other various comments I have heard lately, I wonder if the US knows how much it relies on Canada too? There could be a very rude awakening. Just try feeding 300 million people with your own corn and wheat fields, try filling up your gas tank without Alberta's offerings of our vast wealth of oil... It might be dangerous business to play the Buy America game. It's something to seriously think about. If one state doesn't even have enough room to stash it's trash and has to borrow land from Canada, that doesn't bode very well does it?

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