Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Someone I Know lol

This is a woman I have known for almost a year. She got to be the first Chrysler Employee (US) to ride in the new Dodge electric car. While I'm not so sure about the feasibility of electric cars at the same time wind and solar energy are in their baby stages, etc etc etc, this was so cool to watch and I can say I KNOW HER!! lol

PS= Hi Lisa ;)


  1. Funny... from that angle it looks a little like an Aston Martin before one studies the styling cues.

    Actually, it's a Lotus Elise heavily modified by the Mopar folks...

    Looks like a fun ride, though... sort of like a cheaper Tesla...

  2. I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing about cars. Nothing lol. But what I noted is how she said it's difficult getting in and out of it lol. I don't think those comments were exactly pushing the 'awesome idea'. My thoughts with electric cars is simply wondering if more and more people buy them, how much of a drain that is going to be - a windmill farm at every re-charge point??

  3. The EVs would certainly be a drain on the electrical grid, which is already overtaxed, particularly in the summer, which is the biggest driving season, by the way.

    Plugging the EVs in, like Chevy's upcoming Volt, which is a plug-in hybrid, with a plug-in electric motor and a small gas engine that kicks in when the battery's drained, will certainly tax the grid. Problem is with building more powerplants. What kind? Nuke? Coal? Hydroelectric? Wind? Solar? Who's going to pay for it? Will rates skyrocket? These questions are being ignored.

    As it is now, most of our power comes from fossil-fuel-burning plants like coal. So EVs won't help the environment at all, simply shifting the source of the air pollution from the vehicles to the powerplants.

    As the whole thing isn't well-thought-out, there will be consequences. As usual, much like lending money to people who can't afford the payments!



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