Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tee Hee, Joe's so Funny

Yeah, yeah I know - everyone makes mistakes. I look back at my old posts and cringe at spelling errors, grammar mishaps, etc that I missed despite reading things over a couple of times before publishing. Sometimes I wonder what the hell point I was trying to get across... But after seeing gaff after gaff of former Pres Bush displayed across the media, I can't help but giggle at VP Biden's own mishaps. LIKE THIS ONE that just occurred this morning when he was on CBS's The Early Show and forgot the name of the website and asked someone else what the website 'number' was. Tee Hee. Hey, I'm allowed to laugh because I too laughed at some of the crazy duhhhhhhhh things that Bush said over the years. But Biden (and even his wife) have already given enough bloopers to fill an archive. Imagine how much fun the next 4-8 years is going to be! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

If you don't want to read through an archive, try some fun youtube Blooper Mixes:
Sorry, have to throw in an Obama one too just to be fair, and maybe ONE More

I know there are kazillions of Bush Bloops out there, but since we have seen them already for several years, I am not going to relist them here. They are very easy to find ;)

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  1. you don't know how bad I wish my computer had a faster connection, it sucks to live out in the middle of nowhere sometimes. I loved watching Bush screw up so much, I wish I could watch these!!



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