Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes you will get tired of hearing about the President's 'special olympics' quip on the Jay Leno show last night.. but I think it's only fair to bring it up because we listened to 8 years of people slamming Bush left and right for the silly ridiculous things HE said. So why can't we talk about Obama's foot-in-mouth disease? I think it was doubly in bad taste because earlier in the day, a person in a wheel chair asked the President what he plans to do to help disabled citizens in America.... So his wonderful leadership and fantabulous speech ability led him to utter remarks about how his bowling might be fit for the Special Olympics only a few hours later? I guess he should have brought his teleprompters to the Leno show, eh? He bumbles SO much without them.

But he is so fantastic, such an inspiring leader, we aren't supposed to talk about his little mistakes (which are already giving Bush a run for his money after only 2 months in office).

Food For Thought:
Ponder this... in all the years of silly remarks made by the former President GW Bush, did he say anything Offensive like that? I have seen umpteen vids of his goof-ups but do not recall such remarks. Just something to think about when you are busy Bush-Bashing while prostrating yourself at the new president's feet. To this day I still hear people laughing about how Bush pronounces Nuclear (nuke-u-lar) - so will we still hear people talking about Obama and the Special Olympics in ten years (or next week)? Why does it get pushed aside as an off-the-cuff remark when it pertains to Obama, but rehashed endlessly when it came from Bush?

I am just asking people to THINK. If you are going to trash one president for his words and silly goofs, you need to trash the next one for doing the same thing. If you don't, I am afraid you do suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome and you should really get that checked out!
Update: speaking of gaffes on the Tonight Show... Remember the hub-bub around Jay Leno's friend apparently breaking his arm and getting a $20,000+ bill for it? In case you missed it, Leno muttered under his breath that the charges included ambulance and 'things like that'... and then he went on to say something about how 'it used to cost about $800'. 800? Really? I heard and read a lot of people talking about how that was a ridiculous cost for a simple broken arm, and maybe it was, but we also don't know how much was involved, if he needed surgery, pins, cast, etc. Not to mention the xrays and ambulance that we DO know about. We also don't know if his friend had insurance coverage and only ended up paying a hundred bucks. Who knows eh? But why I bring this up is because here in lovely Alberta, Canada it cost more than $800 for a broken arm. When exactly was Leno's memory of the medical cost from? Before he was even born???

A few years ago a friend of mine found out the hard way that her ex husband had not been paying her Alberta Health Care premium as promised. She broke her arm and ended up with a $250 xray bill as well as a $330 ambulance bill, and I can't remember how much the casting was but it was over $100. So even here in Canada it was $600+ just a handful of years ago for a broken arm that did not require any surgery... so.... I just found Leno's quip about the cost to be quite irresponsible. I must point out that I think 20 grand is retarded! But the $800 quip was equally so.


  1. I like Bush, but his quote about gynecologists is a classic:

    "We got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their...their love, with women all across the country."

  2. LOL yeah he has made some real humdingers, that's for sure! I like: "Rarely is the question asked; Is our children learning?" and "I’m also not very analytical. You know I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about myself, about why I do things."



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