Friday, March 20, 2009

Poll Closed

Just out of curiosity I had posted a poll asking:

Should countries like the US and Canada grant immigration status to all current 'illegal immigrants'?

The poll is now closed and the results are in (see right column)

16 for No!
2 for Yes!
1 for Unsure

Total votes: 19 with an 84% No! response.
Now for my own personal random thoughts about this topic.... I have seen many reports about the high number of people in the US making jobless claims. CTV reported last night that over 5.7 million Americans are out of work right now. Keep in mind that those are LEGAL citizens, because they are claiming EI.

Okay, so if you grant immigration status to the estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the US right now, and they can then go for any job they are qualified for due to their new status, how is that going to affect the 5+ million who are currently out of work? There will be even more people going for the few job openings. How exactly is that going to help people? It may help the govt in the way they will receive more tax dollars from people who will be forced to pay legally with their new status,,, but how is going to help the Unemployed? Just more Food For Thought.

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