Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr J and Mr K on Media Bias

Since I have noticed this a lot in both Canadian and US news broadcasts, I thought it would be a good idea to pass on this link to Dr J and Mr K's blog piece on MEDIA BIAS. It's worth the read.

My thoughts: An example of some US media bias would be pretty much the entire Obama/Clinton/Biden/McCain/Palin leadership and presidential races. For example, Obama's numerous associations with Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi were played down or completely unmentioned on major networks, but the cost of Palin's wardrobe and her teenage daughter's pregnancy were daily talking points for months. Hmmm what could affect a presidency? A woman trying to dress for success or terrorist connections - I know, it's gotta be those killer suits!

Or the countless headlines accusing Palin of lying about being the mother of her baby boy, suggesting he actually belonged to her teen daughter, while headlines about Obama's mysteriously missing Birth Certificate were invisible. Or reporters questioning McCain on cheating on his wife 20+ years ago, while trying to avoid whispers of the controversial church leader Obama had been friends with for 25 years (until Wright got so vocal, no one could hide his vile mouth any longer).

My bf and I guess that the media would mainly be kissing Obama's hands until he became president, then they would go for the jugular - and I am seeing that happen more now. Even Campbell Brown on CNN-HNN used to grovel in his prescence but is now loudly questioning his policies. It makes me ill because people used CNN as their main news source prior to the election, and CNN surely knew all of these stories and decided to keep them from the public, or shoot a quick blurb across the ticker. That is certainly not unbiased media. I won't accuse CNN and the like of being liberal-biased, I just accuse them of only going for the hottest story, while claiming to be bringing 'the people' ALL the angles. Touting Obama as being the first black president because that would be a juicier story than an old white guy winning again, and then going after Obama post-election because it's juicier to chart the downfall of someone who they deemed would inspire hope and change, than to report that he is doing A-OK. It's not about news, it's about ratings, just like any Sitcom or Drama series.

The wesbite shows a list of media issues that were followed up on, but did you see anything about them on major news networks? Did you see entire hour-long programs dedicated to figuring out these issues, like we all saw about Teen Pregnancy and the Palins? I only heard about these stories on the web, in small newspaper articles, and via the Sirius Patriot talk radio dudes.

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