Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Healthcare Reforms?

Okay, so I was just reading an article about Obama's plans to send money to community health centers, in part to offer more services to those who are in need, and also in part to reduce the number of people using Emergency Rooms as their 'clinic'... one particular line jumped right out at me: """That helps relieve the burden on emergency rooms across the country, which have become primary care clinics for too many who lack coverage -- often at taxpayer expense."""

Ummm... HELLO... the money given to the community centers IS tax payer's money. So how is it any different at all from them going to an ER and using tax payers' money?? Seriously... WHAT?

It goes on to say it could create 5500 jobs... okay BUT the money is from TAXPAYERS not from PRODUCING ANYTHING... so.... tell me if I'm wrong, but does that not mean those people will only ever be paid by the govt (AKA TAX PAYERS MONEY)? How is that stimulating the economy, to constantly transfer money to these health centers when people don't have to pay for it directly? This just boggles my brain, that people cannot see what is plainly and clearly right in front of their faces. Your tax dollars are going to pay for the center, the staff, the supplies, the equipment, the cleaning, the sterilizing, and treatments, the prescriptions, etc while the people attending the center are not paying it back through patient fees. But it was so hilarious to read that they want to move people out of going to the ERs for care because it is at the tax payers' expense... it's at their expense to send them to clinics too. HELLO??????? Anyone out there????


  1. Great piece on health care. You talk about this for the USA, and I agree but this also applies right here n Canada. Lets face it the majority of people are SHEEP!

  2. Yes it certainly happens here & our country has worse debt per capita than the US (and has done for a long time, not just recently). I have a lot of American friends that wish their system was like our's and I have tried and tried to explain that it's not always that great and they have 10 times more people than we do... but it falls largely on deaf ears.



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