Tuesday, March 3, 2009

more on BioFuels

I have talked about this several times, moving towards biofuels and other green(er) energy sources. I have talked about how it's a great idea, but not anywhere near the stage it needs to be for the fast-actions some are trying to push through bills (such as 20% biofuel and/or electric cars by 2020, etc). I say that they are deluding themselves to suggest people get ready asap for a change because I have read many articles straight from the websites themselves that show how FAR BEHIND they are in actually producing a useable amount to sell to the masses. Now this morning I found an article on Reuters.com that again shows how far behind it is right now, and to top it off, the high prices of corn (US) are affecting the business directly.

Such as ""...ethanol producers have struggled to find profits amid volatile corn prices and plunging gasoline demand and prices. "We have a real dilemma in the industry," Ann Duignan told the U.S. Agriculture Department's annual outlook forum. "As long as nobody's making money, the industry is not viable long term regardless of a mandate.""

""The administration of President Barack Obama has been keen to foster the "next generation" biofuels like cellulosic ethanol made from crop waste, grasses and wood pulp. The fuels are still at the pilot stage and are more expensive to produce than corn-based ethanol.""

I will stress again that I DO think we should always keep working on new sources of energy and fuel, of course we should, that is what humans have been doing since they first fashioned a tool out of rock or wood. We use our minds and create more and more intricate techonologies all the time, leading to great jumps in our capabilities in all sectors. However, we also have to face the fact that sometimes we aren't "quite there yet" and have to be realistic. If we are only making 5% of the new fuels we need, and more would mean devouring FOOD CROPS all over the planet, we need to re-think things. Above it mentions wood pulp and crop waste - that's a good idea, keep working on that! But don't expect people to conform decades sooner than it is even feasible! It's putting the cart before the horse - I finally fully understand that particular phrase! How far are you going to get if you put actions in place to force people to get rid of their gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles, if THERE IS NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE? Maybe we should all go out and buy a horse and cart actually... Right now I could go out and get a hybrid except for the fact the ones large enough to fit my family of 5 are way too expensive. And not to mention the fact that my utility bills would increase if I had to plug my car in all the time. And not to mention plans in the works for many areas to have increased taxes on their home energy consumption. Hmmm... so if so many people are struggling financially already, why would you think it's okay to cripple them even further by forcing Green Energy useage and increased utility taxes. Also, if it is so expensive to make this stuff, once it fully hits the streets for mass consumption, how much is it going to cost? Go Green but get your personal bankruptcy papers in order while you're at it?? Is THAT plausible? Seriously.....

Here is my little thought - Think of how many people you know that support Feeding People in undeveloped countries, and cry and scream about the waste we have here, make us feel guilty for being able to eat til we burst - but ALSO cry out that we need to increase using CORN and WHEAT for our fuels. Hmm... so they yell at us for not donating enough money to send food to Africa, but endorse using food for filling up their car. Is that not all ass-backwards? Just THINK about it. I wonder how many people could have been fed with the crops used to make the billions of gallons and litres of ethanol Canada and the US have already produced.

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