Monday, March 2, 2009

It's for You, not for Them

I have heard others saying this and I see more and more evidence of it... it's like when leaders say their countries are in dire peril, facing catastrophic economic loss, look elsewhere for aide, etc and then go off and have a fabulous bash or two costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Does that make sense to you? It happens all the time and it is happening right now. They want you to conform to all the new rules, to buckle down and pay more in taxes or on products, but THEY won't be doing the buckling down, will they?

Take President Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
... The country is in great need but it's apparently okay to celebrate with a 187lb birthday cake a week or so after begging other countries for help. Those who raised money for the event could have donated it to one of the hospitals that is badly needing support... but no, the president needed fanfare to mark his special day.

That's just one example but I know you can think of others. How about 10 official inauguration balls? If times are tough and people are begging for money, jobs are being lost in the millions, how is it that tickets costing $10,000 are being purchased? How is it that the most vocal about helping the needy through these catastrophic economic times, are the first to fork out multiple thousands to attend a ball? Why is that okay to do?

I would like to see a leader stand up and say "It has been tradition to hold these events, but in light of the current world economic situation, I feel the money is best spent elsewhere". Offer up a prize for people who donate their ticket price to homeless shelters, forego the gourmet meals and send the money to soup kitchens... If you are going to talk the talk, then shouldn't you walk the walk? How many events have been held in and around the WH in the past 6 weeks and what was the total cost, do you think?

I seem to remember politicians chastising the automaker CEOs for flying to meetings, and then jetting off themselves to a Democrat Retreat at tax payer's expense. It was equally sickening to watch part of the Oscars and see so many faces in the audience that chastise capitalism, while they are WEARING, sitting on it, and walking on it. How much did that stage cost, for ONE night of use? How much did the gowns cost? I don't care if the designers gave some away for free - I don't care if some of the jewels were free for the night, it is truly disgusting to watch what goes on at these Hollywood bashes, and then listen to them spouting drivel that they don't even understand, just to keep up with the rest of the gang. Do you think they will be lining up next to you at the medical center? No. They will be jetting off to another country to receive their treatments - spewing emissions into the atmosphere they claim to want to save, might I remind you. This is what it means when you hear "It's for YOU, not for THEM". They are not going to change their lifestyle, but they are going to force you to. Enjoy!

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