Monday, April 13, 2009

Puppy Tales

Is it really a rescued animal if it never spent time in a shelter and just-so-happens to come from Ted Kennedy's breeder, and is a sibling to TK's new puppy?

Back when the news of a new White House dog came out a few months ago, my prediction was that someone would give their Portuguese Water Dog back to the breeder, or to a shelter, in hopes that the animal would become the Obama's new pet. I pictured some time in the future, the original owners appearing on TV for their 15 minutes of fame, talking about how much they loved their animal but were unable to care for it properly, and how pleased they are that their decision to return the animal ended well because he/she was now frolicking on the WH lawn. Clap Clap, everyone thanks them for thinking of the dog first *coughdebateablecough*...Well, the first half of my prediction has come true so far - a family from Washington giving back their water dog just when the President was waiting to find his 'rescued' pet. How long until the second prediction comes true?


  1. Don't forget that Joe Biden and his kennel owner had death threats and she has spent $4000 so far in court to get off the charges after the Kennel police arrived. Boy, I would sure not want my 15 minutes of fame, had I named and bought Charlie. And if it is all not true, then chalk it all up to the nanny police who wanted to force the Obamas to select a mutt with an unpredictable lineage and temperament.

  2. Personally I don't think such a big deal should be made about what dog the President and his family choose. It should be a personal one, an addition to their family. However, the current affair is wondering if the President making so many claims about only wanting a Rescued pet in the recent past has been debunked by this particular animal's situation.

    I choose rescued pets most often, but have purchased a Border Collie from a breeder in the past (when I say breeder, I mean small-time biz with one specific set of parent animals, in someone's home not a kennel). I am not on the bandwagon of people who would sue a kennel and allege everything but the SPCA is a puppy farm.

    The 15 mins of fame comment would be for the family that gave up the animal, not the breeder. Though the fame could be Notorious.

  3. I still think they should have gotten a Scotty.

    A rescue dog generally has some baggage, perhaps not the best choice for first time dog owners.

    Did I mention that I still think that a Scotty would be best?

  4. I prefer big dogs myself lol. Rescued animals can have troubles but new pet owners with children should try to get a young puppy from what I understand, so that the puppy is used to children from the start. A rescued pup may still have issues depending on why they ended up in a shelter but there are many born IN the shelters from a pregnant female being brought in, or simply turned in by a family who could not care for a litter, etc etc. Sometimes it is difficult to track the background of a rescued pet, sometimes it is easy. Being the president, I would hope that a reputable shelter would readily disclose any information they had (which they should/would do for anyone) to help the decision-making process. We have not had any problems with any of our shelter pets (no health, training, 'emotional' or behavioural issues), and two we got at 2 months of age. So it's definitely possible. If you are looking for a very specific animal like this family was, that makes things harder, especially a highly bred high cost animal.



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