Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Wind Power Is a Complete Disaster National Post - found on Mike Church's website
excerpt: ""Flemming Nissen, the head of development at West Danish generating company ELSAM (one of Denmark’s largest energy utilities) tells us that “wind turbines do not reduce carbon dioxide emissions.” The German experience is no different. Der Spiegel reports that “Germany’s CO2 emissions haven’t been reduced by even a single gram,” and additional coal- and gas-fired plants have been constructed to ensure reliable delivery.""

The End of Private Health Insurance? WSJ

More States To Raise Taxes WSJ (sounds like a major Catch-22 to me)

Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes by Ari Fleischer WSJ

Oil Industry Braces for Drop In US Consumption WSJ (some seem to think a transition away from oil/gas would be easy but it most definitely is not)

Health Care Industry Cuts Jobs WSJ

More on Sun Spots
Dr Willie Soon, Astrophysicist via Mike Church.com

Transparency? Earmarks difficult to find
The Hill via Mike Churck.com

Barney Frank loses it on Student (video) RealClearPolitics via Mike Church.com

Obese Pre-Schoolers Study USA Today via Mike Church.com
[my note: I wonder how much fresh fruits, veggies, and other healthy food will cost when transportation and production costs increase greatly with new fuel rules, and wheat/corn crops being gobbled up for greener fuels?]

*For fun: Strange Complaints made by British Travelers via Bonehead of the Day awards


  1. People who invest their own money in wind power have obviously never set foot in a Canadian Tire store. They sell a 400 watt wind generator for about $800 bucks, that will light a couple of bulbs when the wind blows. For about the same money you can buy a 5000 watt gas generator and run appliances anytime you want with a little bit of gasoline. It's no different on a grand scale.

  2. $800 to run a couple of light bulbs! Awesome! Why haven't I tried that myself? It's double my entire utility bill for a month, but I think it's worth the investment.

    Much like the energy efficient bulbs we filled the house with last year and half of them have already burnt out, at a cost of $10-15 each that were supposed to last a heck of a lot longer and save us money.

    Mind you, we didn't have time to find out if they saved us money because aside from burning out already, the electricity bill increased as well so that made it pretty difficult to figure out our actual savings but I bet it was huge *rolls eyes*.

    Oh but there was a solar panel on sale in CT a few weeks ago for about $80 that could be used to charge cell phone and ATV batteries while on holiday (according to the ad). That sounds like a great investment too.



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