Monday, May 25, 2009


I really enjoyed this post by Rob so CHECK IT OUT

(re: Michael Ignatieff's multiple personality disorder)

And THIS ONE by Andrew Keyes

(re: libs boohooing over 'Con attack ads' that they give themselves excuses to use when it suits them)

Yes I am being a lazy blogger lately. My brain can only take so much information at once these days. I am starting back to work Monday after spending some cherished time at home with my littlest one and have had to de-zone myself for awhile. I'm also feeling very at odds with what is happening in my city and province lately and I can't decide if I should thumb my nose at them all and go move to an acreage and live off the land as much as possible so they can't get as much of my hard earned money, or what. At least some house prices are finally coming down, the one down the street has dropped 30 grand since February. But that's the only plus I've seen around here in ages.

THINGS LIKE THIS make me go totally brain dead, malfunction alarms sound, and then I just want to stand in the corner and scream. Maybe my next home will need to have a sound-proof room with velcro walls so I can throw myself at them while wearing my straight-jacket. That sounds like a plan!

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  1. LOL.. thanks for the plug Kez.. and for the laugh!

    "Burping of the Lambs".. what next? Cutting down trees to stop "leaf litter"?

    Damn. That was funny.



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