Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Climate Depot

This site is highly recommended by Mike Church from Sirius Patriot Radio and since I am listening to one of the guys who works for the site on Mike's radio show right this second, I wanted to share the link with you:

Naturally there is a lot of 'bad press' about Marc Morano (Mike's guest speaker) flying around the web, but isn't that the usual tactic when someone stands up to strongly question the science behind man-made Global Warming/Climate Change? But when he was part of a team who won a science award from the National Science Foundation and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, that must have ticked a fair number of people off, eh?

And it is also worth noting that a greater number of scientists are also expressing their skepticism of such ideas as carbon dioxide being a pollutant every day. Including ones that had originally signed on to the Global Warming bandwagon. Morano is not alone. Not by a long shot. But he continues to be ripped apart - just google his name and see for yourself.

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