Friday, May 1, 2009

Pay Back Your Credits , US

So I got this link from Yahoo News this morning and it didn`t surprise me in the least. Ever since all this talk was coming out about the Obama administration peddling tax credits for working americans, the people I listen to on Talk Radio (Sirius Patriot) were warning others that it will come back at you at tax time next year. I've heard this news for MONTHS. They had various lawyers, accountants, and economists on their programs discussing the holes in the project before it was even passed. So - this 'booboo' was KNOWN by the administration. They had to have known if hundreds, thousands, and even millions of listeners knew this months ago. I hear a lot of left wingers belittling conservative radio hosts, saying they are fear mongers, talking out of their arses, not talking facts --- well so far all I have heard since I became a listener last fall is fact after fact after fact. Sure, there is a lot of stuff thrown in for entertainment value, no different than Keith Oberman, Jon Stewart, Alex Bennett (Sirius Left host) - but I also listen to up to 12 hours of very interesting facts and figures every single day. And what Yahoo News reported this morning is a fact I learned way back in Jan/Feb, if not before that. Right from when these ideas were first released and curious people started looking into it.

I recently saw some US friends talking about their tax credit in a forum and just sat back and watched it.... They were discussing how they are barely noticing this extra $10 or so on their cheques and some aren't noticing it at all. Some are getting $50 extra each month, but now I wonder how much they will end up paying back next spring (or losing from their overall return credit). Is it worth it? An extra pittance on your cheque now, and possible loss of more in the spring? Getting $20 a week now, but having to pay back a couple hundred or more at once in a year? But it should not have been a surprise. I spoke of this myself a few months ago and no one would listen to what I had learned so I decided right then and there not to say another damn word. They can find it on my blog if they discover it, but I give up in the forums. I get passed off as an Obama-hater and they don't take into account anything I put out there. It's frustrating but I can only say now "Don't say you weren't warned".

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