Friday, May 1, 2009

What to Wear....?

Hmmm what should I wear while volunteering at the Food Bank?
I suppose I should dress nice and casual so I can relate to the people.
I'll just wear these sneakers for a bit of Punch.... they're cute, right?
Do you think anyone will notice they cost $540? More than many of the people I am feeding make in a month?

I don't need to list who's feet are in this photo, you can figure it out yourself like a treasure hunt. It's just a thought put out there.. to remind others that things are not always as they seem.... and yes, this photo was taken at a Food Bank, on a VIP volunteer.


  1. Lol! You should wear some steel-toe case a pallet of food falls on your foot. You do not want to wreck those nice shoes!

  2. When you earn over $2 million a year like the person who these feet are attached to, I guess you don't really give a hoot if you destroy them while doing community work?



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