Friday, June 5, 2009

Hilarity of the Day - leftie blogger calls me a Wank lmao!

I feel so proud! I was searching my user name for something entirely different when I came across a Lib blog naming MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I was so excited to get an honourable mention ;)


To be called a wank has been the highlight of my day :) Gotta love it.

Sure it makes sense to compare my blog post about a comedian's public words to Kate's blog post calling for the deaths of Sri Lankans. Anyone can see the connection there. Very clever and rational comparison, indeed! Not to mention the fact I do not read Kate's blog and don't think I ever have, but that's okay, apparently I am supposed to read every single blog on the net and until I do, I am not permitted to speak of anything else.

Nah - I won't follow that apparent rule, I prefer to speak for myself and display my own thoughts and ideas, thanks!


*Oops, sorry, It's not a 'lib' blog, it's a ""Left-leaning, progressive snark from the general vicinity of Waterloo, Ontario. "". Correction duly noted and completed. Next?

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