Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy When it Rains

Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy When it Rains

Just a little musical interlude because pretending I am 14 again without a care in the world takes me away, temporarily, from all the goings-on of the world.


  1. Nice post, Kez.

    I'm a little (lot?) older, born a child of the 60's.. and it's funny, I went to "Pirate Radio" on the weekend, and commented to my wife (who's more your vintage) about the innocence of the early rock to a great extent.. it sort of held a naive belief that the world could be better than it is.. something that I think today's music doesn't give our kids.

    I particularly love "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys. If you really want to drift away, listen to "Wouldn't It Be Nice".

  2. I grew up with my parental influences of The Beach Boys, early Elvis and CCR (my mom) and Stompin Tom Connors, Gordon Lightfoot, and bit of the Irish Rovers thrown in (my dad). So, as an early 70s child with a mixed up musical heritage, I went 'alternative', which culminated in my 1991 HS graduation right in the middle of the Seattle Grunge Scene peak. Fun times!

    ps I secretly loved the beach boys while growing up but my friends all likes Abba and Boney M lol



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