Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I got my christmas presents early today x 3 :)


  1. Nice! I don't collect American coins, usually only Canadian. Did you get them on Ebay?

  2. Nope, just a tiny little local coin dealer we found in our yellow pages. My bf wanted to find some American Eagles and managed to snag 3 for me. I've only just started so these are my first of any type of coin (unless you count the few diff recent Canadian quarters I have lol). So get our your yellow pages and have a look - you never know what you'll find lol.

  3. An excellent site to go to if you are interested in coin collecting is: Click on the catalog. It has all the latest prices, plus interesting pictures of "error" coins. I use it as a quick reference so I can go on ebay and bid on coins.



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