Sunday, December 20, 2009

random question...

Just something I pondered about while watching an organizer of various Climate Summits on the news tonight defending his financial investments in green technology...... and thinking about Gore's recent interviews defending his financial interests in the same....

"Why is it that when a conservative has financial ties with an Oil company, it's called a Conflict Of Interest, but when a liberal has financial ties with wind farms, it's called An Expression Of [his] Interest?"


  1. I had just watched some YouTube Global-warming debates from 2007 ,2 of the debates were with Alan Colmes and Chris Horner where Alan tries to smear Horner with claims of the AEI (horner's org) having some Funds donated to them by Big-Oil.
    And your right, now CNN and many pro-AGW MSM groups boast about the Big-Oil's now onboard supporting the COP-15 and fighting the CO2 crisis.
    But ironically, Big-Oil has quietly been buying-up most of the land from bankrupt farmers and hedging the Future by owning the Supply-Line for Bio-Fuels from Corn and other plants.
    So even if Al Gore tries to get us off the Gas run Hummers to Bio-fuel Hybrids , the supply is controlled by the same Big-Oil suits in the boardroom that now control the Farmlands and Patents for Hybrid seeds as well.

  2. The whole thing reeks of money from every direction, rather than reeking of Methane fumes ;0)

    I can see why oil companies are buying up land because if you had spent decades building a business and figured the future was going to be in a different type of fuel, you would probably start collecting land at a cheap price so you were ready for the big change too. Whether it be land to grow corn for biofuel or land to plant thousands of wind mills or a giant solar power field. If that's where the money is going to be, a businessman will try to snap it up when the pickings are good instead of waiting for prices to skyrocket. What kind of profits would you get if you sat around on your hands?

    It's all money. Whether you invest in a wind farm and wander around proclaiming we are all going to die if we don't switch our energy sources around, or you are a big oil exec looking to continue future profits with firesale farmland buyouts. Is it really a CO2 crisis, or is it lining the pocket books of fat cat CEOs yet again? I think that's what people have to wake up to. Should we be forced to change our ways for nothing but a big cash cow that would be far more costly than our current energy sources??



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