Friday, December 4, 2009

"Scientists Continue to Debunk "Consensus" in 2008 & 2009"

No that is not my own heading, that is one taken directly from the US website (US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, to be specific).

Props to Biff's Place where I found the .gov link and some excerpts.
This is in line with what I have posted in the comments section on various blogs lately. Apparently more people are coming out of the woodwork to poke fun at the idea of AGW, such as Jon Stewart this week. While many are glad this is reaching more mainstream news, I get annoyed that these celebs act as though until these email leaks, there was no reason to doubt Gore et al until now. What? These questions and voices of dissent have been going on for YEARS. But until the release of these emails, many celebs and commentators thought of dissenters as crazy, nut-brained right wingers, conspiracy theorists, grossly misinformed, etc etc.

I recently saw a clip on Canada's Rick Mercer Show where he poked fun at our crazy seasons but it was highly peppered with his support of the AGW theory. His little skit involved renaming 12 months into one long month, all 4 seasons into one word, and wearing a varied assortment of clothing like swim trunks, toque, mittens, umbrella, etc etc at the same time to be prepared for the crazy weather. The gist I got from his piece was that Canada's climate is changing and we better act fast to fix it OR ELSE.

So who is the misinformed one here? Is this the first time in human history, or earth's history for that matter, that the climate went berserk? Is this the first year ever that it still snowed in June on the Prairies? Is this the first year that the first week of October brought -20C to the prairies? I find it ridiculous because there are several accounts over hundreds of years of crazy weather and climate catching people by surprise. My friend is a history teacher and pointed out to me that during the Civil War, the men wore wool coats because it was cold even at the height of summer. What? You mean 150 years ago it was cold enough in July to wear wool coats in the SOUTH? How could that possibly be?

Scientists will be quick to call it a mini ice age or a cooling period and give natural explanations for it (or none), but be just as quick to blame the current changes on humans. Why? How? Are we supposed to just forget about all the other times the earth's climate has changed drastically and focus entirely on what is happening now, and then blame ourselves? I do not understand the concept or rationale behind that at all.

Another thing I am sick of hearing/reading is when someone voices concern, the media or pro-AGW bloggers are quick to point out any affiliations they may have with carbon-emitting companies. Perhaps since my bf and half his family work in the Oil and Gas Industry along with countless numbers of our friends, my opinion doesn't count either because I have a 'vested interest'? YET those same people will cite Al Gore's opinions on the matter repeatedly. Hmmm.... does he not have "vested interest" in this too? He admits having investments with Green companies and when questioned about it, he simply states that he truly believes in it, so he wants to help support the idea monetarily.

Yeah, and with hopes of a huge payout at the end??

Why are his gigantic vested interests okay, but mine and others' are not? I am just hoping to keep our household in the lower-middle income bracket so we can survive without handouts or spending our 40s working jobs we hate. He is set to make multi-millions... Who has the 'most' vested interest here? But it's okay to quote Gore and not okay to quote someone who might have worked for Shell at some time or another. Puh-LEASE. That is just total complete crap.

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