Monday, December 28, 2009

So I'm Just Wondering...

... is Michael Moore going to make a new movie detailing the current US President's activities over the past few days? With video clips showing Obama golfing in Hawaii before and after today's press conference regarding the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day and the little blurb at the end about Iran's people? Is he going to show a vid counting down the minutes for how long it took Obama to respond to the news while he hung out with family on the 25th? Seems to me it took 3 DAYS before he responded officially... how does that compare to the minute by minute countdown he did of former president Bush on Sept 11 2001? I seem to recall criticism coming from all directions over Bush's love affair with golf back then - so where is it now? I heard about it on Sirius Patriot radio, not CNN. Why is that? Why can't comparison's be made? Obama had no way of knowing when he was first told of the attempted attack if another was in the works - did he jump into Air Force One and return to the White House? Ummm no. He remained in Hawaii, presumably so he would not disrupt his family's holiday plans while hundreds of other families were left in shock and horror at the very real prospect that their beloveds were nearly killed in an airliner bombing. How must they be feeling now? The shock and pain must have been sheer torture for them!!! But, their president merely remained 'informed' and went on to continue his holiday and partake in some golf before and after the press conference addressing this thwarted attack. Hmmm.

Doesn't that make for a good movie Mr Moore, or are you going into early retirement with your already amassed millions of dollars?


  1. Or maybe a movie about James Cameron making a movie to the tune of 500 million dollars?I thought Avatar was a good flick but as one blog poster brought up,why didnt he put that type of money towards conservation of the rain forest eh?Some people are quite blind and michael moore is one of them.


  2. Moore was marginalized before Obama was elected. With Bush no longer in power, he has no mojo, assuming he ever had any...

  3. Oh, but Anon ?. Cameron doesn't want to use money to save tha rain forest, he want's them to use our money.

  4. Truly scary agendas floating around. Here's one I am working on snuffing out:

    God Bless America
    Nathan R. Jessup

  5. I believe that I joined the 'remove SANH' group on FB. I saw that a few months ago. My mother's cousin was Robert Short, who was the first Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan back in 2003 (along with a fellow soldier). Misinformed and hate-spewing people such as those in SANH should follow this motto I heard several years ago:

    "If you do not wish to stand behind our troops, FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM".

    Nuf said.



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