Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy Haulers

So I am sitting here watching an episode of Heavy Haulers on the Speed channel and it just so happens that in this episode, the truckers are moving a VERY heavy load - a huge WINDMILL.

So from what I have seen so far, the amount of emissions being used/given off/whatever the hell I'm supposed to call it, during the transport of this monster let alone it's manufacturing and assembly is itself 'monstrous'.

HOLY CRAPPING HELL people, I mean it. There are 8 big rigs hauling various sections of ONE windmill's 'mast' (stem, stalk, whatever). EIGHT RIGS for ONE windmill. There are separate trucks for the blades as well (one per truck) AND separate trucks for other bits like the base, generator, oh probably that BATTERY they will stick under the ground in the massive cement base they will have to pour for this sucka..... AND pilot trucks (TWO PER RIG) to safely manouver them through Montana and Kansas.

So.... many things pop into my mind.

#1 - how many years will this windmill have to run just to equal the amount of emissions expended during TRANSPORT alone????

#2 - if it weren't for these diesel and gas guzzling semis, how would these precious environment-friendly (??????) windmills get transported in the first place?

#3 - how much energy was used to MAKE these things- steel, cement, paint, technology, batteries, cables, etc at the various factories? and again how long will the windmill have to run to equal THAT?

#4 - how will this monster be erected when it reaches it's final destination? It is truly enormous. I am envisioning one of those monster cranes you see in the cities for high rises. How does THAT get out to the site? How does it run? How much fossil-fueled energy will be used to erect this fantastic piece of environment-saving metal?

#5 - don't forget that many of these mills are only supposed to be good for 20 years, so after the COST of the project plus the COST of emissions/energy used in manufacturing, transporting, and assembling - how many years of life will this windmill have left for TRUE energy-saving cost????

#6 - now go back and look at how much it takes to get a natural gas well up and running and how many years it runs afterwards... and how much it can produce energy-wise when compared with one of these 'efficient' mills.... is there any comparison? And does it REALLY save the environment to do things the Future Way?

Just a few thoughts. Find the episode online yourself to see how much the RENEWABLE energy projects deeply rely on FOSSIL FUEL energy to even get started in the first place.

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