Monday, March 8, 2010

I Write On My Hands Too

I scribble on my hand when I have something particularly important to remember.... does that mean I should be plastered across the media for being a dufus? I have been watching a few news clips (like on HLN News earlier tonight) showing Sarah Palin with notes on her hands at various times. I saw a clip of Palin on Leno poking fun at herself, etc etc. But seriously, what's the big deal? I saw some clips of people writing on their hands and feet to poke fun at Palin as well - one of them mentioning that paper is cheap.

Oh okay, so she is supposed to wander around with a sheaf of notes all the time? What about Save The Trees? I laugh when I see things like that, it tickles me. Write on your hand, become a laughing stock. Bring notes and someone will comment about how stupid you are, you need notes to remember what you were going to say, or comment on wasting paper (save the trees). Or people poke fun at Pres Obama for relying so heavily on his teleprompter.... TOTUS ;) It's all relative.

I have a big letter L on my hand today - to remind me to bring home a lasagne from the work freezer lol. Yes I get scatter-brained - I have 3 kids at 3 different schools/daycares, I got called into work suddenly this morning, had to shop quickly on my 15 min break to pick something up for supper, and did not want to forget it in my mad dash out the door to get my daughter from school on time. What's the big deal? Does it make you less intelligent if you make a quick little note on your hand? Is it better to have a little piece of paper smushed up in your hand that you'll need to unfold and flatten when the time comes to make your point? Does it really make a difference?

I personally refrain from making fun of Obama and his teleprompter most of the time, while others take it to the max, because that's up to him. If he prefers to have his words scrolled across the screen, that's up to him. Newsreaders do it, celebs do it, motivational speakers do it, bands have a set list taped to the floor at their feet, and the list goes on. Who really gives a crap? Seriously.

If that's all the news people had on their To Do List today was poke fun at Palin's hand scrawls, it must have been a slow day. How about a little bit more info on how Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arther were left out of the In Memorium tribute at the Oscars last night. I never saw anything on the news today about it, mind you I was at work, but I saw a good 5-10 mins about Palin's hand-scribbling. Maybe HLN could have made up their own special tribute to those actresses, but no. It's more important to show clips about a bunch of random people scribbling on their hands (whether in support of Palin or not).



  1. I have seen Obama speaking to a classroom of todlers with 2 telepromters. If you can't handle memorizing a few talking points when addressing a kindergarten, how smart can you be?

  2. Wow... I could've written that... perhaps there's two Canadian Sentinels... and you're the more-polite one, eh! :b

  3. Iceman - note that I said I refrain from poking fun at POTUS 'most of the time' lol. Sometimes I feel it is warranted, and will gladly jab away (such as in the case of the kiddos - I heard about that and had a good chuckle, and shook my head in wonder), but most of the time I just live and let live on that score. I've managed to make it through today without making notes on my hand! Yay! But I did forget to bring my son's bottle to work this morning which was a disaster at nap time, so perhaps I should have at least tied a string around my finger.

    Sentinel - oh gosh, I don't think that Canada could handle two of you, I mean us ;)

  4. Actually, I think there needs to be many more of us. What, are we going to let the Progs dominate mass communications? Well, can't have that... ;)

    I'll play "Bad" Sentinel. You can be "Good" Sentinel... :b



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