Sunday, May 9, 2010


I was bored earlier and decided to tune into the Joy Behar Show on HLN news to see what was going on... Dione Warwick and Connie Francis were the guests and right when I tuned in, they started discussing President Obama. I won't give away what Ms Francis said about Obama until after I write about her comments regarding Pres GW Bush... she said she thought he was the worst president the US has ever had, then Ms Warwick piped in with 'Both Bushes'. Joy of course loved that, leaning forward and asking 'really?! the worst president ever??' with delight, as usual. But then Francis went on to say that she agreed that it would have been a better place if Al Gore had been president instead. I had to clean my ears out for that one. I am not trying to support Bush here, I personally think all these politicians are as bad as each other right now, no matter what party has been at the helm. In one way or another, they have all contributed in part to what is happening right now. But Ms Francis seemed off in space on that one.Gore might have narrowly lost in 2000, but he had a second chance come up in 2004, but he didn't even win his own primary - John Kerry did. If the Dems didn't even want Al Gore at the helm themselves, what is it about Gore that Francis thinks would make the world such a better place?

Back to what Francis said about Obama, she gave him the usual glowing remarks of how he is on the world stage and it's their best foot forward. But she also intruded on Behar's opening questions by saying something like 'I know what you are going to ask [Joy], have I dreamed about marrying President Obama"..."Yes I have dreamed about marrying him, but I did not dream about having sex with him".

Fruit Loop City on that program, that's all I can say. I guess the intro to the show on my tv listings channel is totally serious - "discussions about water cooler topics"... AKA "fluff".


  1. I have to give you credit for having the tenacity to watch more than about five minutes of the Behar show.Gag!

    You have to give Ed Sullivan's favourite Italian singer,"Little Concetta Francanero", some slack.

    She was raped in a motel while on a concert tour back in the 70's,and suffered a mental breakdown that prevented her from performing for years. She spent many years under intense psychiatric care,and didn't return to performing for 15 years.

    Connie had a great voice,we loved her in the 50's and 60's when she had a string of hits,probably one of the best vocalist of the female singers in that era,in the "pop" music field,Streisand notwithstanding.

    So, anything Connie says has to be taken in the context of a "recovered" mental patient. Perhaps her "Obama" comment is indicative of deep psychological scars and memories that still haunt her.

    Ironically,she supported Nixon in '68.


  2. Thank you, DMorris. Everyone is entitled to his own views. Yes, Connie supported Nixon and then Reagan and she did much good for the general public serving as head of Victims Rights for Reagan and creating these laws and changing hotel security laws. She was and is still a great singer. You are absolutely right about her voice. She lost her voice for a while and then was on shaky ground for a while, but over the past few years her performances have been spectacular. She is a legend who not only benefited herself, but changed the world for all of us.

  3. Thank you DMorris. Everyone is entitle to his own views. Yes, Connie supported Nixon and then Reagan and she did a good deal of good for the general public when she served in Reagan's Victims Rights and created the laws and changed hotel security laws. You are right about her voice. She had and still has a great voice and she has put on many spectacular performances over the past few years after losing her voice for a period and being on shaky ground. Ms Francis is a legend who not only benefited herself but also the general public. She changed the world for all of us through her tremendous successes and tragedies.

  4. Apparently, suggesting that Connie Francis seemed off in space for suggesting Al Gore would have been a much better president (which is actually a cut against Gore lol), and that the issues discussed on that program (Joy Behar Show) are 'fruit loop city' was meaning I was cutting down the entire career of Ms Francis?

    As far as I am aware, Francis is bi-Polar, which a few of my friends or their family members are as well, and it may or may not have contributed to her actions and words on the program - it's impossible to tell. I took it that it was not part of her mental faculties because there have been Oprah shows on the topic of women who dream they have had sex with Obama, not to mention news articles and stories. I gathered that Francis was going along with that sort of thing regardless of her state of health.

    What I found funny was discussing 'serious' topics immediatly after bringing up dreams of marriage and/or sex with the President on a cable news program. And that Joy Behar's show is fluffy lol. And as for Francis' remarks, her past dealing with Republican presidents even moreso clashes with her wishes that Al Gore had won in 2000 and there had never been a George Bush Jr.

  5. In an effort to lighten the mood somewhat:

    I am shocked, shocked I tell ya that some male hasn't taken the opportunity to take the phrase "I wouldn't dream of having sex with him" To add something like:

    Typical marriage then. :P

  6. lol that was actually my first thought ;0) I wasn't sure if that's what Connie meant or if she meant something else, but that's what popped into my mind ;)

    I didn't mean for my post to be a shot at her whole person, I grew up listening to my mom's albums and she has a breathtaking voice. But many people I like as artists I consider fruit loops in their politics lol. I LOVE U2, for example. The concert I went to in Calgary for their Elevation tour was SO exciting I couldn't believe I was actually looking right at Bono and Larry *drool*. But take them off the stage and I want to wring their damned necks sometimes! I have Irish friends who would rather not have those guys being from their area, they can;t stand their pompous attitudes. So political beliefs have nothing to do with the talent someone exudes. I also thoroughly enjoyed a Coldplay concert and adore Matthew Good, but after joining Matt's message board a couple of years ago and directly arguing with some of his viewpoints, I realized we were on opposite ends of the spectrum lol.

    You can admire someone's talent and still think their ideas and views are out to lunch ;)



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