Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do Our Local Newsreaders THINK While Reporting?

On Monday, one of our local news radio hosts was rattlling off the news when she reported that this is heading up to be one of Canada's driest ever years on record.

I wonder if she was actually 'thinking' while reading that. Why? Because we have houses literally torn in half in this region from the floods in June and there are still fundraisers going on. A few weeks earlier, the same program was calling for people to help out with school supplies and clothing for those who were devastated by the flooding. Other hosts on the same channel were recently posting on their facebook Fan Page about how they cannot believe how WET our summer was, how we hardly had any summer to speak of at all, and now the leaves are already yellow on the trees and it's still raining every other day.

So why no comment such as 'well apart from the southern prairies apparently' or something to that effect? They seem to comment on many other news stories and give their opinions but not this one? Not one that has affected families in our region so deeply? Why no comment such as 'I wonder what they used to tabulate that information because the prairies have been soaking wet with snow and rain this whole entire year?'. But nope - nothing. No comment. Just a statement of newsy words that make absolutely NO sense for what has been going on here.

We went out in our backyard pool a grand total of THREE times this summer. We went in 3 times a WEEK last year. We watered our front grass only 5 times from May to now and our back about 3 times. It was 3-4 times a week last summer. Most people I know with underground sprinkler systems turned them OFF this year because it was pointless to keep watering and wasting it, because it rained enough to keep most of the grass happy anyway. There are even rotten lawns in my housing area due to such high levels of rain, it's like a rusty bronze colour in big patches. It was so chilly (the wind was COLD), we only took my daycare kids out for sprinkler fun three times, and didnt even ask for swimsuits until August, when we normally get the kids' suits in the first week of July. It just didnt occur to us because it was so wet and chilly most of the time.

But yeah, it's going to be Canada's driest year on record - once the soaking wet prairie provinces are removed from the totals. I know other areas saw terrible dry conditions - such as British Columbia. It was crazy dry there! But the whole of Canada was not dry! It's such a big country we can't expect to have similar weather from coast to coast, but is it too much to ask that valid honest reporting be done by stations that our tax dollars support?? Instead I have seen tv news, newspapers, and heard terrestrial radio all reporting these severe dry conditions while we are recovering from devastating floods. I bet people across Canada have no idea just how bad it truly was and still is. The damage was devastating, and it was from the high amount of snow that melted and soaked into the ground all winter, and then when the heavy rains came the ground was too wet to soak up more and the next thing you knew, culverts, dugouts, streams, creeks, etc were bursting their banks and barreling through this region. Houses were literally torn from their foundations and pushed onto other properties, a house on the way to Elkwater is still sitting there torn right in half, cattle were lost, equipment and fields saturated and destroyed, etc etc etc. But we are supposed to sit here and listen to the news that Canada had one of it's driest years ever. Yeah okay - tell that to the farmers and ranchers who have no homes and no outbuildings and no idea what they are going to do for the future.


  1. Ontario had one of the wettest summers also. There were only 2 or 3 weekends all summer that weren't rainy and cold. The grass didn't even turn brown this year at all. There was plenty of hot, humid and sunny weather (through the week) but things certainly never got to the point of being dry.

  2. Didn't know about BC, but there are lots of fires out there. In Ontario we had a very hot summer but lots of rain too. A number of severe rainstorms, last night in fact was one of the strongest thunder and lightening storms I had ever witnessed. The grass is very green and lawns look great, no yellow or dead spots at all this year. In past years lawns would go from healthy to dying to healthy again in the latter part of August. It has turned cold fast this September though. (real conservative)

  3. Every time my partner has heard the news talk about 'the driest year', he comments that 'Canada is not just Toronto'. There was a lot of heavy heat in that region, plus where my family is from in New Brunswick but it was also very very humid. Last time I checked, humidity meant moisture... We normally have dry heat here with some points of high humidity, but the humidity levels were high the whole summer. You got an instant sweat when you walked outside, even when it was barely warm let alone hot.

  4. ps I saw several times on the news over the past couple of months that BCs percipitation levels were very low compared to average or recent years. That's why there were so many fires. There were big ones when I lived near the BC border in 2003 and I was evacuated from my home for three weeks so it's been periodically dry there. However, from Alberta all the way across into Ontario, it was soaking wet. Manitoba and Sask had terrible water problems and flooding as well as southern Alberta. I have no idea where this data has come from, but I have heard it at least a half dozen times on National news plus in local papers and on the local radio stations. I'm like 'huh?????'

  5. Kez.

    Did you watch the news yesterday?

    Canada IS just Toronto. And half-witted Torontistan wannabees who are more interested in towing the Layton/Ignatieff line than in responding to local interests.



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