Monday, September 20, 2010


Just in time for halloween month, the media is slobbering over Christine's comment about dabbling in witchcraft when she was a teenager. Oh no! Shock! Horror! She should be removed from politics immediately. Doesn't she know that you're not supposed to do that when you are 17? Instead you're supposed to wait until you are a full adult and then sleep around on your spouse and still get to keep your job. Doesn't she know that instead, you're supposed to hide tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in income so you can avoid paying taxes on them, and then just say you forgot? That stuff is okay around there Christine, but not teenage witchcraft. Shame! Bill Maher ( I think I have that right) is going to release a clip periodically until she agrees to go on his show. Yeah cos i'm sure Bill has no skeletons in his closet. Why does this even matter? Why doesnt he threaten to release clips of Nancy Pelosis lies until she appears on his show? Why doesnt he threaten to release clips of Bill Clinton's activities until his wife appears on his show? It just seems so retarded. The US has had presidents that admitted to drug use, infidelity, etc and yes that got a lot of media attention but is it even close to being on par with witchcraft dabbling in the teen years of a new candidate? It's mental. The media surely has more important issues to cover??

I dabbled. Does that make me a bad person? I was raised in a Christian home and went to church til I was 14, then I rebelled for a few years. I did seances, was totally interested in learning about silly spells, went to palm readers, I used my wood burning kit to make a Ouija board, I played with other Ouijas, read occult books, played with Tarot cards, etc etc etc. But that all ended around age 18. Big deal. I can't think of any of my friends who DIDNT try out that stuff from time to time. Who cares. If we can forgive leaders for cheating on their spouses and cheating taxpayers, trying out drugs in their youth, etc - why does it come out as a big deal when someone has dabbled in 'witchcraft' in their youth?


  1. How about "dabbling" in Marxism or cocaine like Obama and his friends.

  2. If she had of said she was a wiccan then would have shut up of course, similar thing as I understand it. Myself I'm an occultist but still consider myself a Christian. I wonder if Maher is a freemason?? Now that would be interesting indeed. (real conservative)

  3. O'Donnell jumps into things and takes the extreme position. Even her conservatism is so right wing as to be fascist and not shared by most conservatives. Being a witch and satanist is part of her poor judgment and extremism. But what really gets attention is her lack of charity and forgivness of others. She takes a hard line in support of the death penalty, is ultra-hawkish on the assertion of US power and does not believe in giving others a second chance. Yet, here she is seeking her own second chance and understanding.

  4. "Being a witch and a satanist".... so she IS a witch AND a satanist? Interesting.

    Anyhow those other issues should be the real issues in the media if they actually want to report politics. I have not heard a single word about any of that on the major news networks, I only see about her witchcraft comments, and now this morning finally something more political - a group saying that she misused campaign funds. Finally some real news out of that - CNN's HLN news saying she apparently used funds for gas, food, and rent. Now I would like to see a list of how many other campaigners have used funds for those exact same things and claim them as expenses cos I can bet the list would be very very long from all political groups lol. But still, at least it is real news rather than 'ooooOOOOOOooooo she admited to practising witch craft'!



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