Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a quick blurb... i was watching HLN news (CNN) and Robin Meade was discussing the rental of electric cars that one rental agency might be starting in a few months. Her co-worker Jennifer Westhoven was presenting the piece and commented that Robin has been very interested in the idea of elec cars... but said that renting one might cost more at first. She said 'but I don't think Robin likes THAT idea' and the women laughed. Then Robin said (not verbatum but close), "Yeah just because you save money on gas, they have to cost MORE?????".

Well duh. What did she think? Has she not seen the price tag of some of the electric cars that have been touted for the past few years? Much more than a regular family could afford. Did she think they'd be cheaper to rent?

It just annoys me because these news people have access to all sorts of stories each and every day, but it's like they aren't actually 'thinking' about what they are reading off their papers and teleprompters. To be fair, Westhoven discussed that right now there are only a few of these cars so that could be why they cost more, but I also noted that whenever she talked about future costs she said HOPEFULLY they will be less in the future. The way she said it each time totally made me feel like she doesnt believe it - that these electric cars really arent going to save people much money. Well.... duh!

Doesn't this remind you of cities who are using wind power and touting it as a 'free energy' endeavour but the public utility bill does not go down, or in fact increases? It just shows me that a whole large group of people think this is going to save them money - all of these 'green' ideas. But it really doesn't. And it should be a big sign that the people and companies involved in greener energy are just as focused on profit and costs as 'Big Oil', coal, nat gas companies, etc. Why don't people see that? They pretend it's about saving the earth, but they see dollar signs just as much as anyone else.

It also reminds me of places that are selling the reusable grocery bags and/or charging 5 cents for the plastic bags. I can get 40 plastic bags for the same price that I can get one reusable bag, but I don't necessarily get 40 uses from the 'greener' bags - I've had them rip and tear, wear thin so I cannot carry heavier items like cans in them, and I end up having to buy another reusable bag to replace - so I'm not saving money, I'm spending more in order to go with the flow and go 'greener'. I might just go back to paying for the number of plastic bags I need because it's cheaper in the long run, as I've discovered over the past few years. About the only thing that works that I've come across is a program that has been going for over 15 years - the big Green Boxes at Superstore. Large plastic crates you could buy for $5 and throw all your groceries in there. They are sturdy and last a long time so they do make up for their cost in the long run. However, they are almost useless for people who do not have a vehicle. It's not exactly easy to carry those suckers home on the bus lol. So the greenest people, who ride their bikes or walk to the store are shot in the foot with the green box event ;) Anyway it's just an observation that a lot of these green ideas are costing people more and I doubt you're going to get lower income people on board with all of these changes. Some will shout out 'dont you want to save the planet??' and try to make them feel guilty - but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it!! Imagine being forced to do it when you simply do not have the money - it's not going to go over well.


  1. Stopped shopping at Superstore (even though it's two blocks from me) two years ago.

    They SAY it's about being green, but really, it's about saving money.

    They aren't supplying bags, they aren't bagging groceries, I say, "Hello WalMart".. (except for meat, that's still Safeway.

    Superstore can go screw themselves.

  2. Oh yeah those green boxes were around before the plastic bag craze started. I worked there in 94-96 and we were always told to tell customers that they would save them money in the long run, and that the reason superstore charged for bags and did not have 'bag packers' was because the prices of the goods were so low, the store didnt have the money to hire someone to pack the bags on every til. We had a few people available if customers asked but it was always about saving money - yes they were called a Green box but that was long before the 'green' craze. People I know liked them for putting canned and boxed goods into instead of bags.



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