Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dorky Presenters

I am getting so tired of the dorky weather presenters on a certain national news network ;) Yesterday they were in Edmonton and showing a clip of the preparations for today's Grey Cup game... and the weather girl commented at the end that the forecast for Sunday is a high of -5C "which is quite balmy for Alberta in November". Is she on crack? That is the avg temperature for Edmonton at this time of year. Actually, it is slightly BELOW average. Perhaps she should have said 'Thank goodness we are back to seasonal temps for the game, unlike last week when the well-below average temperatures in Calgary froze everyone' lol. Seriously though, people listening to her could get it in their heads that the temps we are having right now are warmer than normal. I hate that because it makes people think that their winter is warmer, and then think that it must be due to Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption/Phrase Of The Week.... I swear they do it on purpose sometimes.

I just looked up the historial data for Edmonton online and the mean temp for Edmonton on this date is -4.6C. Well gee then, -5 is NOT in fact 'balmy for Alberta in November', is it? It's NORMAL. It sure seems balmy after the crud we have endured for the past week and a half, but that was 20 to 30 degrees BELOW normal temps. Doh!


  1. Too funny - everyone knows that its always raining in BC - this is used to keep the peeps back east in their weather wonderland. If the eastern media were to embrace the glorious Alberta advantage, the east would empty out. lol Cheers.

  2. I'm not sure how to define "normal" in terms of Alberta weather. The temperature can go from -30 to +15 in 24 hours (or the other way around), we've had winters that did not have a single snowflake until New Years day and winters where the snow fell in September and stayed with us until May.

    The record high for November is 21.7 and the record low is -34.1 a difference of 55.8 degrees, and yes, that means that it has been as low as -34.1 and it very well could have been as cold as that for the Grey Cup.

    Last year on December 13th (which is only 2 weeks from now) we were the coldest place on the PLANET with a temperature of -46.1

    Even with the current temperatures being at the "average", half the time it can be colder than that.

    Don't be too harsh on the weather girl she is just a talking head that reads whatever some writer has put on the teleprompter in front of her ;-)

  3. Shameless hijack of your blog for a moment.

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  4. O.K. Kez I am officially concerned. Is everything all right? Just busy?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. My hopes are that all is well and real life takes all your precious time.



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