Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

So even up here in Canada, Bristol Palin's success on Dancing With The Stars is making the tops news story rounds. People are shocked Bristol is still in the competition and made it to the finals. Okay you know what, I have been surprised week after week too. But there are tons of people out there claiming that the voting has been rigged, apparently phoning and complaining, etc. It's on the news where people are dissecting the show and claiming rigging, claiming that the voting is warped so people find loopholes and vote far more times than they are supposed to be able to, etc etc etc.... But here is the thing:

If the voting could be swayed in Bristol's direction through that manner, then it could also be for every other contestant on there, could it not? If someone was a huge Brandy fan, they could find a way to vote excessively and unfairly. Or Rick Fox fans, or whoever right? So why do people think it's being rigged in Bristol's favor??

So many people DISLIKE her mother, Sarah Palin, and dislike the 'celebrity' that has been attached to Bristol because of it, you'd think that would cause a heck of a lot of people to vote every way possible in order to bump Bristol out, no matter how good or bad she dances. But I do not hear anyone on the news discussing THAT fact. It's aggravating.

She is a 19 year old girl who has managed to survive week after week on a heavily viewed program, and instead of celebrating her success, she has to turn on the news and be trounced left and right. If I was her, being the wimp that I am, I would have quit the competition weeks ago. I wouldn't have been able to withstand all the negative publicity. I would probably cry myself to sleep every night and not be able to concentrate on the program. Right from day one people were questioning Bristol being on the program, saying she is 'not a celebrity', or 'not a star'. But the media MADE her a focus, made her a star to some people, and is now trying to tear her to shreds.

If the news reporters call themselves 'investigative journalists', why don't I hear a single solitary comment about how the voting could be rigged or unfair towards ANY contestant? I only hear about it being questioned in regards to Bristol. She must feel so proud, knowing that hardly anyone wants her to still be on the show. How sad for this young girl. It reminds me of David Letterman making rude comments about Bristol on his program several times. Not cool.

Anyway just a random comment about the show - if voting can be rigged for a contestant, why would the pretty Liberal entertainment people put a Conservative's daughter in there? It seems to me that they would have rigged it the opposite way - kick her out on the first program so they could make a fool of her and her mother in front of millions, thumb their nose at Republicans. But instead, Bristol is still there and they are dealing with an influx of complaints. And I haven't heard a word about the one man left - Kyle. He is certainly entertaining but his footwork has been off a lot over the weeks and he had some pretty low scores, but he made it through. I haven't heard a word about how HE survived when Brandy didnt (on mainstream news)... why not?


  1. Why is this on Blogging Tories? Shouldn't this have been posted on the Dancing With the Stars board?

  2. Um because my blog is registered at Blogging Tories and I happened to write a post about Bristol Palin?

    Is there a rule somewhere with a list of approved topics for Blogging Tories members? Sometimes members write about what they had for lunch.

  3. This story may have nothing to do with Canadian Politics but as a conservative I can see the interest in Bristol, Sarah Palin, Beck, Fox and any other American news story involving conservatives. As such Thanks for posting :)

  4. Have to hand it to Bristol, she has a lot of guts and stamina, just like her mother. She could have fallen flat on her face, but she is doing well.

  5. Finally a Blogging Tories story that I was actually interested in. :-)

    I so detest the reactions to Bristol that I made sure to vote last week and of course next week is simply mandatory. Her dancing is getting much better and the audience loves her. As to her quitting because of the abuse, she says it merely 'fuels my fire'. That's my type of person.
    Like mother, like daughter.

    Next Tuesday --- trophy time for Wasilla. :-)

    My reward ---- deranged liberal fury as far as the eye can see, and a gloating period which appears to be open-ended.

    ps--- Remember to vote. Monday 8-9. 7 Central. :-)

  6. When one thinks of those who made it past a few weeks in the past, Jerry Springer, for one, and who won last year, all this about Bristol is crazy. What it has done is encourage a lot of new viewers to vote for Bristol. The look on Derek's face when Brandy was eliminated is priceless.
    Bristol's partner has made it to the finals on 3 occassions with different partners, so why the surprise he got Bristol there.
    Perhaps this has taught the judges to quit sending signals as to who they think should win.

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    I don't watch DWTS every season, I normally tune in near the end to see the more exciting competition (mostly because I have two left feet and it amazes me when people can dance like that lol). But I often go for the 'underdog' in things like this and hope the ones everyone thought would lose, win. Bristol not only hasn't had any dancing experience beyond highschool and prom lol, but she isn't used to performing. She has been in the spotlight for a few years, standing with her family at various events and more recently started speaking in front of a crowd, but not shaking her bootie lol. That's an entirely different element.

    Brandy did very well, but she has been dancing in videos and on stage in front of thousands (and millions) of people for many years. Even if it wasn't Bristol as competition, but some young girl I had never heard of before, I would be secretly hoping for the unknown girl to win because it was tough work to get out there and do all that with literally no experience. The same could be said for Kyle, the other surprise finalist. He is used to performing as an actor in front of many people, but this is something different for him as well. People like his energy and I've heard people say it's great to see a 'bigger' person make it to break those stereotypes that only thin people are physically fit enough to get through events like this lol. He is so cute.

    Anyway I heard on the news that the studio received an envelope full of white powder (turned out to be talcum powder) the other day!! The first news was that it came addressed to Bristol... how does that make her feel? Omg some people are totally bonkers and take this stuff way too seriously. I hope Jennifer wins because she is clearly the strongest dancer and has worked her butt off. But I don't understand the spaz so many people are having about other contestants.



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