Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ride Your Bike To Work...

... I was watching Law and Order: Los Angeles last night when a little 'funny' popped up that I liked. The gist was the two detectives bantering back and forth about an offshore drilling rig. One guy remarks that Al Gore is going to shut them all down, blah blah. He remarks 'well if you like your shrimp marinated in crude oil' or something like that, but then his partner says "When you ride your bike to work, I'll start taking you seriously'.

Oh I had a good giggle over that one. And it's so true. I sit around and listen to people randomly talk about Big Oil and the environment in restaurants or at work, and then they go get in their cars and drive home. That makes me crazy! And we're not talking little teeny Smart Cars, we're talking trucks, SUVs, minivans, sports cars, etc. Or they are dressed to the nines with their leather boots and handbags and I just want to smack them silly. They talk the talk, but they do NOT walk the walk. I hope a few more people caught that little comment from the program last night and thought about it. It's like 'shut the hell up about all this crap if you aren't going to set an example YOURSELF'. Double standards abound.

Just like a vid I saw on a blog a little while ago, after James Camerson visited the Alberta Oil Sands project... I didn't post it here because I had no way of knowing if it was true or not, but someone claimed to do a little helicopter fly-over of one of Cameron's numerous homes and showed no solar panels, no wind turbine, just a massive expanse of elite property. Who knows, maybe his other homes are set up with solar and he will get around to this one soon, but somehow I doubt it. He talks the talk, throws his money around a bit, uses his name to bring attention to the Oil Sands in a negative manner - and then what does he do? Go home to his monstrous mansion and tinker with his cars, or swim in his pool (is that not wasting water??), or have a little soiree with 50 of his closest millionaire friends and dine on caviar? I don't know what he does, but that sure pops to mind. Double standards definitely abound. I don't care what he does with his money, he earned it, but when he comes up here and interferes with the lifelihood of an entire country (or many countries, if you think about who we sell the oil too and how many jobs are tagged along the line), he better show his beliefs by living as fuel-free as possible. Is he doing it? Of course not, or not by any real measurable standard. Instead he makes money creating films that he hopes people will attend at a large movie theater, most likely driving there, or buying the DVDs and Bluerays (made ... HOW? with WHAT? and transported to the stores worldwide HOW?) and then sits around trashing what also contributes to HIS wealth. Whatever buddy. I loved Avatar and really want the new version out this week but do I want to put a little more change in his pocket after what he is trying to do to my province, my country, my people, my coworker's and friends husbands who work there, my cousins who work there...?

When Cameron starts riding his bike to work like Ed Begly Jr, maybe I will start taking Cameron more seriously, and others like him.

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