Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ron Paul-ia AGAIN

I find it very interesting that in all the years RP has tried for the candidacy to run for president, he was largely ignored, but now people are going batsh*t crazy. I listened to 6 different right-leaning radio programs yesterday, the day after the debate, and I swear to you that every single host started flapping about Ron Paul less than 30 seconds into the start of their program, some with their very first words after introducing their programs. And then they proceeded to talk about him for at least a half hour straight, each one of them, along with sending out emails largely about RP from their daily info links... One that has slammed him repeatedly went so far as to say 'I was ready to endorse him, racism and foreign policy aside, until last night'. Thanks Mr Levin - that was an interesting comment. Anyway I just find it intriguing. All this constant talk of him being unelectable, that he won't even get close to winning the GOP spot for the presidential election, yet these hosts are spending more time talking about RP lately than they are talking about Obama or any of the other GOP candidates combined. It's very telling for what they REALLY think is going on.

Then I found something disturbing this evening. I logged onto my 14 yr old son's FB account to catch up on some games (to send myself gifts lol) and I noticed a whole bunch of posts from a group called something like 'Call for the Republican Party to boot ron Paul'... I know that my son did not join that group so I couldn't figure out what happened. There were a lot of questionable posters and posts on the wall of the group that I would not want my son to be exposed to so I immediately removed him..... but then I realized that all the notifications for the group then disappeared and I wouldnt be able to see how he got himself into it (like if a friend added him, or what). Curious, i hit the membership list of the group and noticed that my BOYFRIEND and his cousin - both ron paul supporters, were members... then I knew something was up. I figured that the group must have been about something else in the past and someone changed the name of it, automatically making all the members of the past group members of the new group.... so my bf logged into his account and sure enough, 10 hours earlier the group had changed it's name. Originally it was about George Soros and economy stuff.

The group owner took it upon himself to change it to something completely different instead of forming a new group. That way, it looked like there were over 3000 members already (the prior group total for the George Soros one)... now it is already down to just over 2100 members (even though new members have been added several times today). So that shows how many people stumbled across this group and wondered how they ended up in it, and then clicked Leave Group. But i just found that to be so cagey, so sneaky!

I also found it interesting that the group members are calling Ron Paul supporters crazy, but when you read their posts, they are acting like little bratty children. Name calling, silly posters depicting RP and Iran's president embracing in brokeback mountain, but it's called Blowback Mountain.... other super-imposed photos of ron paul cheering on Iran, or dressed like an alien, or smoking pot from a huge bong, etc etc. Those things are so trivial. I was bad on this blog once and posted a photo of Nancy Pelosi next to a scary lookalike poster of Chuckie the horror movie doll but she really did look like him (it?). I did not post ridiculous photos of nancy's face superimposed on someone else. All of that is completely juvenile and happening at lightning speed in that group - while members under the age of 18 were automatically exposed to it all by the group owner changing the name and the temperment and the topic of the group with one click of the button. Shameful.

There are interesting threads of topics to read through as well, but a heck of a lot of it is just name calling and egging on RP supporters, things like saying if you are a RP supporter you must be one of 3 things - a racist, anti-jew, or a truther. 90% of the content so far is bunk, playing games and calling names. If they really want to get things going, how about having a rational grownup discussion about their dislike of RP and provide links of support instead of stupid fake photos, links to random youtube videos with opinions rather than proof, and documentation of their claims? Some of the members are doing that, but it's not long before the name calling starts again. I am going to keep an eye on the group member total to see how many people remain in it once they log into fb and realize that their old group has been hijacked and they were basically added without their permission. Should be interesting.

I also noticed topics such as people wondering how on earth Dr Paul could have delivered 4000 babies... acting as though it's not possible and he is lying. My own doc, who is not a full obgyn, has delivered over 2700 babies the last time I counted, and he has been a doc for 20 years and only delivering his own patient's baby for the most part, as a general practioner. I did a quick search on the net for the avg number of babies an obgyn in the US might deliver and kept coming up with the numbers of 12 to 15 per month. 12 per month x 12 months a year, x 30 years is over 4000 babies. I read stats at a US medical site that said it's widely reported that obgyns deliver 250 to 300 babies per year - if they did that for 30 years that would mean 9000 babies. So it just irks me that people cannot take the time to look up some info (took me less than 5 mins to check 10 sites) instead of running off at the mouth. Just that simple comment on the wall of that group made me realize that the real bat sh*t crazies on there are the ones RUNNING it, not all the paulbots they keep slamming.

But i think by far the most offensive thing I saw on the page so far is a photo of a young man who is mentally disabled holding up a piece of paper, and someone has written 'i love ron paul 2012' on the paper (via computer).... right away i thought 'okay, so you people are going to go around calling supporters racist, but it's okay for YOU to post photos of a mentally challenged individual and use it to poke fun?' That's sure nice isnt it? only 3 people have clicked Like so far, but one person went so far as to comment 'It's a PAULTARD'  and 3 more people clicked 'i like' to that... wow. I simply do not understand how people can be so completely blind to what they are doing. I am not saying it's only people against ron paul doing this - i saw it done against obama, bush, and the current GOP candidates as well. But my god - get a brain people! 'Retard' is what they are calling the paul supporters of course, and then posting a photo of some young man who is challenged - they are calling HIM a 'retard' and thinking it's hilarious. Wow. As I said above  - it's shameful.
Update: I took a screen shot of the 'paultard' comment (since it's an open group and anyone on FB can view all of the posts, even without being a member). I took the shot this morning because instead of anyone pointing out that it's rude to the young man in the photo, more people have clicked 'i like' instead.


  1. How is it that people have become so fond of security that they feel threatened by liberty (no matter how kooky).

  2. Would you care to link some of that please? I spend a good deal of time online myself and haven't come across it.

  3. I don't know if this will work, but here is the link to the group. Everything I talked about it on there.

  4. Oh and I should mention that this morning, as more people have found themselves a member of this 'new' group, there are more discussion threads than there were last night. If you move down the page a bit, you get to the start of everything that was there when I found my son a member, and my bf, and my cousin - all without them actually wanting to join a group with such a title - and there are tons of pictures posted and strange comments.



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