Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pot..... Kettle.........

In light of my earlier posts regarding Ron Paul-ia, I saw some more interesting exchanges between RP non-supporters and a supporter (actually another supporter pops in at the end, but I was interested in what went on between two main posters). This again from a new FB group that my family members found themselves a member of because the group owner changed the name and purpose of it from finding out stuff about George Soros, to 'booting Ron Paul from the Republican Party'. I realize there are groups like this all over the place, left and right, up and down, but I am particularly interested in groups such as this one because the gist of the whole thing is to say that Ron Paul supporters are nuts, wacko, nutjobs, crazy, bat sh*t crazy, insane folk. But repeatedly in this group for the past few days, all I have seen are the ones against RP slamming other people into the ground, name calling, posting stupid photoshopped pictures, and generally acting... well..... crazy themselves. I don't get it. I don't understand how they cannot see that they are acting in the very same manner they accuse Ron Paul voters of. It's mind boggling.

The following is a list of screen shots taken a few mins ago from one of the newest threads posted today. One RP supporter in particular goes out of her way to provide links, comments, information and asks questions of the anti-ron paul members but is repeatedly bashed and it's eye-opening. I have doubled up on some posts so that you can see that I did not skip anything. As in, I cut the screen shot above and below the last post each time so that you know full well this is the whole conversation in it's entirity, without any edits unless you count that I snipped off all my identifying info at the top of the page and the ads along the side. You should be able to click on each one to view it a bit larger so you can read it. One other RP supporter comes in and takes their bait and does not act as eloquently as the original RP supporter, but it's 'Jennifer' that I was interested in. And just to remind you, this is an 'Open' FB group, all content visible to anyone and everyone, so I am only posting info that is already public. Hence why I did not bother removing the names of the posters. They chose to post in a public forum visible by anyone who comes across the page.I am not a member of this group (they denied me), and I can obviously see them. so here we go:

 So basically, if anyone was reading this who wasn't sure about Ron Paul - would they get any actual info out of it? There are other threads about RP being a suspected KGB agent, and this is the current Group Description that was posted a few hours ago (it changes often but this is the most recent):

"""Ron Paul is a stooge of the Iranian Government and clearly a left winger that has infiltrated the Republican Party. RINO's are bad enough, but Ron Paul has to go NOW.

Iran and Pakistan are Russian terror proxies. Ron Paul is their American Propagandist...very simple.

Ron Paul Archives

Ron Paul spews 100% Iranian and Russian Propaganda. He should be thrown into prison for giving aid and comfort to Iran as a U.S. Congressman. Iran has been directly linked to Al Qaeda, the 9/11 attacks (via Hezbollah) and the deaths of thousands of U.S. Soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a Marxist that says "conservative slogans" to draw in suckers. The Republicans can't out him, because thy still spread the lie that "Reagan defeated communism". Why are Russian missiles still pointing at Eastern Europe? DUH. - Steve Cooper."""
 One of the group owners, this Steve Cooper, has even been deleting friends he has had for 2+ years from what I have seen in the group so far. Like a man named Dan today who talked about why he liked RP and the next thing you know, Steve wrote that he 'sent dan to Gitmo' (meaning booted him from the group).  This after Steve called RP a soviet implant, a KGB agent, and a marxist. Dan questioned why and then listed things RP talks about that would be opposite of a Marxist, said 'I have been friends with you for two years' and still got the boot. It's just totally bizarre behaviour. I know, you could find me a host of RP supporters acting like nimrods too, just like you could for any candidate at any time - but those who follow RP seem to get the most backlash for being insane. They get far more flack than Obama supporters do - and I mean from the Republican voters! I have been in political forums for years and I have never seen so much outward nastiness as I have from the jabs thrown at RP supporters. And yet these people don't see it. They are so completely blind to it I don't understand how they can't see their own craziness and 'bot-ery'. I'm waiting for them all to fight now because some can't stand Newt and some can't stand Romney and they have even poked fun at Santorum so I'm sure the inter-bickering excluding Ron Paul will get going more as the elections progress. That should be a riot to see as well.
Oops here are some more posts that were added to the above thread while I was writing this:
 And now 11 mins have gone by with no answering of the questions asked. 
And then I found something rather hilarious. The same dude posting above in favor of the boot ron paul page (Erich), mentioned a list of republicans that he supports and said The Tea Party Loves You!!!... one of those he named was Senator Jim DeMint. So I thought that was rather hilarious, considering that mr DeMint just came out on television to say that he agrees with ron paul's ideas on FOREIGN POLICY. Oh my, poor Erich won't know what to say if he manages to see that link..... and here it is for your enjoyment:
Just to update from January 23, 2012 - here is another lovely comment from the same group (the owner):


  1. heh. OK I believe you now.

    Now I have to ask you why you hang around there? They clearly don't like Ron Paul. I know you don't understand them and you think that just by reasoning it out they will change. That isn't so.

    I'm an atheist and a conservative. I know a little something about arguments that just can't be won. You have to look past it and see all the things that you do agree on and talk about those. Build respect and if not agreement then an understanding at least. Its the only way forward.

  2. lol I watched the group out of curiosity mainly. This is not a group where it is liberal vs conservative, where I have hung out for years in various political and idealistic debates - it is conservative vs conservative! I find it sad, actually.

    I don't like newt or mitt at all and would rather that neither one of them got to be president, but Im not running around saying anyone who votes for them are totally out of their minds. I know they like Newt because he can be quite funny, has been involved in washington for a long time, and they think he can kick obama's tush. Mitt Romney people like his presence, the way he speaks, he is usually calm cool and collected, he is a state governor, etc. I know why people like those guys so I don't slam them down. I just secretly wish they would see that those guys will get eaten alive by obama.

    And I am well aware that ron paul could get eaten alive by him as well. He is not the greatest speaker, trips over his words, has to many ideas flying around in his head and they all seem to want to come out at the same time, and I SO wish he had better speaking abilities but he doesn't. That's the way it is. I like what he says about the huge massive govt body that is swallowing america and he backs that statement up with ways he wants to make govt smaller (Fed)..... Mitt and Newt say that as well. They say that govt is far too big -- but if you really listen to them, their plans for the future all include a whole whack of new ideas and plans that are brand new and will be conducted at the federal level and guess what that means? Growing govt yet again. DUH. They will have studies and committees and plans and overseers, and the list will go on - for EACH of the 'new' ideas they plan to set up (for example, the registration of illegal aliens using cards and machines that scan them and are tied to a main one in washington to verify their status - hey why don't they just tattoo them? that might be easier; or their health care plan ideas like where Newt talks of 'creating' a board for this and that). That's growing govt,not shrinking the monster that it has become! RP is the only one I have seen out of that bunch who actually seems to want to cut the spending and shrink the govt. there is no way he can complete it. The US is in serious dire circumstances, but he could perhaps at least try to make a model for them to follow in subsequent years.

    But anyway I got off on a tangent there. My point is, I do not like the other candidates, I understand why people vote for them, and I'm not going to say they are all looney basement dwelling crazies. They are fellow conservatives and we hope they get into place again down there because we live right next door and are having a lovely time dealing with Obama (NOT!) so we want someone in there who will help get the US back on track and that in turn strengthens the whole of North America. But I am watching something else entirely in that group on FB - I am watching so-called conservatives, and christians too, slam the RP supporters over and over and relentlessly. The group rules list says basically that - and I feel like I am watching lib vs conserv rather than conserv vs conserv/libertarian. It's mind boggling and disheartening. At this rate, no matter who the nominee is, they will not have a hope in hell of beating Obama this year.

  3. ps an atheist AND a conservative? I thought that simply was not possible. HAHA jk :)

  4. We exist. Ayn Rand was an Atheist. Objectivism is our way and almost identical Libertarianism. We have a moral dialectic that cancels out the crazier idea's some Libertarians come up with. We value life and beauty from which most "libertarian" ideas can be derived.

  5. You don't have to convince me :) I grew up in a christian household and have some beliefs but I do not relate my upbringing to govt ideas. I don't expect everyone else to believe the same as me and do not think it should be pushed on anyone. I get tired of hearing the religious reasons behind people voting for Romney Santorum and Gingrich in the US all the time. Talk of 'the bible belt' and 'the evangelical vote'. Drives me bonkers actually.



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