Friday, January 4, 2013

People Are Strange

Just a quick note to go along with my previous post. People are strange, curious creatures.

When this young man was first arrested for alleged threats against a local school, I saw many local people commenting that they wished the mental health system was better so that these people could be helped BEFORE things like Conn happened.

Okay, well it just came out in court yesterday that this man has to undergo a 30 psychiatric assessment at a forensic psychiatry hospital in Calgary.

I read comments from THE SAME LOCAL PEOPLE on the news site, calling out that they dont want him to 'get off' on reasons of mental capacity, they want him to go through the system normally, and things about how it's unfair that 'these guys' get to claim mental issues and get off with a slap on the wrist.

Okay - so which is it, people? This guy did NOT commit a crime against humans, he did NOT go and shoot up a school, he did not do anything to this date other than write some words that were allegedly threatening. Now there is a chance that if he does have other issues, they will pick this up at the hospital, and maybe he can receive treatment so that he WONT act on his words.

But the people that said they wished the Conn shooter had received help and not 'fallen through the cracks', do NOT want this young man, who has NOT killed anyone, to receive help. Instead they want him to go straight to jail, no turning back, do not collect $200, and do not seem to put any thought into what might happen when he gets OUT. Since he hasnt killed anyone, even if convicted of his present charges, he would not spend much time in prison - and because trials take so long as it is, he could very well get 'time served' as soon as it's over and be out on the streets - that's what people want instead of an attempt at a psychiatric assessment? Gee that makes sense. A teen who has authority issues and has done his whole life is probably not going to come out of prison with a new-found respect for authorities like magic. It could in fact make him even worse. Gee that will be fun.

But my point is, it's amazing how many people just simply do not think. They put their words out in public for all to see and then deny it when you point out that they are saying two entirely different things. Or they simply do not respond to you at all and pretend they didnt see your remark. People are strange, curious creatures.

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  1. A thirty date psych assessment followed up with a get out jail free card is not the same as getting real help.



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