Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Speaking of school shootings

So it turns out that 2 youths in my city are in trouble for things related to school shootings.. One school closed on the last day before xmas holidays because of one student apparently overhearing talk of violence and a 17 yr old was listed as the source. Now an 18 yr old has been arrested for apparently posting a threat to another school here and posting obscene material in relation to the Connecticut shootings. The thing is, ive known this kid since he was about 4 years old and have known his parents longer through work. I have seen things in the media that shocked me, such as a school board chair divulging information about the 18 year old's school history of being enrolled in classes for behaviour/emotional issues a few years ago. Regardless of what this teen said, the info released to the media is from when he was a minor. This is not a trial... What if the charges end up being dropped? My son and his friends hang out with this guy and the general consensus from those who saw the posts is that he did not make a direct threat and was mouthing off to get a rise out of people. what if that is  deemed true and charges are dropped? This young man's personal information is now out in the news from when he was a minor. Im not sure that is right and i hope his.parents are looking into privacy acts and what is not considered okay under FOIPs. This is not in a trial situation... Its people giving out information on a juvenile record.
I admit that i havent paid much attention to this happening to other people, but now that i know the person involved, its made me realize that such things should not happen. Even if charges stick and it goes to trial, i do not believe juvenile info should be flapped around beforehand. In many more serious cases, the court is not allowed to hear a youths criminal past, even if it is related to something they do as an adult. A judge has to figure out what gets released, but apparently in my city, school officials can decide that. What if that was your child? Your high school student? You might not feel the same as most people around here seem to. Its a tough one. He goes to school with my son and i admit i feel wary about all this and not sure what to do when he is out. I really dont. But i do.see.him being treated unfairly and if i was his parent, i would be speaking to a lawyer about this information leak from a named board chair.
The recent horrible massacre in Conn has everyone wary and scared about it happening again, a copycat crime or other planned shooting but does that mean anyone who speaks in an ill manner about it should be arrested? Consider some things i have heard my friends say just in the past few days...

One was frustrated at her kids while we were trying to talk and she said "hold on a minute, i have to go kill someone" and then she chased the kids down to tell them to smarten up. Or just today a woman i know with a newly retired husband said "oooooo i could just shoot him!!! He is driving me crazy!!" . If this kid said "i should just go shoot up my old school", is that an actual threat? Cripes it sounds terrible but is that an actual criminal threat? "im going to kill you" or "im going to get my dads gun and shoot those.mother f-ers" is a threat... But im not so sure if the other wording would stick as a threat charge... If it does, it sets a precedent and we all better watch what we say. Thats all im saying. If a teen tries to be controversial and tick people off or shock them, does he or she deserve to be in prison with convicted rapists and murderers? I would imagine a teen like that has issues with authority already, so what could being arrested and jailed and then imprisoned do? I dont want to be around here to find out!!!just something to think about. Ive seen people post on fb news sites that he should be dragged behind a horse... Thats very helpful.

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