Monday, March 4, 2013

Too much going on

Every day I  think of a topic I want to blog about but there is just too much in my brain and I instead chose not to write about any of it lol. But then today I was reading a blurb on Sun News that said Michael Moore was talking about Canada again via twitter and I went to his page and read them and geezus murphy..... what next?

Moore was posting about how Canadians don't lock their doors because we feel safer and one reason is because we have less poverty. He was comparing numbers such as 18% of Americans live in poverty where only 11% of Canadians do. Apparently that is a reason for us having less inclination to lock our doors.....

I have locked my doors since the 80s lol. I live in a very small city but someone broke into my family's car when I was a teenager, and broke into every unlocked car in our whole crescent, the brazen turds - leaving
 all the doors open so they wouldnt make any noise closing them.. and since then I have also locked the house door. Was it poverty-stricken teenagers or adults breaking into the cars? Is this somehow a reason to take other people's stuff?  I suppose you could say that, because why would well-off kids need to steal, right?

But to act as though no one in Canada locks their doors but tons of Americans do is just plain silly. There was apparently a State Farm Insurance study done in 2008 that said more than half of Americans polled did NOT lock their doors. Well geez, the way michael moore talks, almost everyone does. I would imagine it's the same as up here - more rural areas leave their doors unlocked, and urban areas lock. How many people living in apartment buildings in cities leave their doors unlocked all the time, do ya think?

And I dont always lock mine just because of someone coming in to rob me - I do it to try to keep out rapists, murderers, etc. I have kids and Im not going to leave them prey to some bad person out there if I can help it. Is that a poverty thing too? Are most rapists and murderers doing bad deeds because they are poverty stricken? I dont know about that Mr Moore. When I lived in an apartment with my young son, I didnt have much of value to be stolen, all my stuff was crappy second hand... but I couldnt stand the thought of someone sneaking into my place to hurt me or my child. That was the number one reason I locked up - and I cant even remember a time that rapes had occurred in my city before that time so it's not like I heard something on the news, it was just a habit I got into. Big deal.

So is Canada much different than the US really? I was rather mortified at some of the posts Moore retweeted from Canadians. They were going on about how they dont want to become like the United States, how they left their doors unlocked for so long, they didnt even know where their house keys were, etc. I noticed he chose not to retweet ones that people wrote him saying they DO lock their doors. Only ones where people were tweeting him about unlocking.... well Im sure he could find some americans to retweet about not locking as well, but will he do that? Doubtful. I looked and there were plenty of replies from americans who do NOT lock their doors but he did not retweet. Surprise surprise.

Then he went on about how crime is worse under Harper. Has Moore looked into all the relationships for the stats? Has he looked at population rising, immigration, the high standard of living up here etc to make his comparisons? I didnt see any evidence of that. It's like he is always trying to make Canada look like this wonderful pleasant place where bad things dont happen unless there is a conservative govt, and how canada is going to turn into the US if we are not careful. What a load of donkey crap. Seriously. And if he hates his country so much, why doesnt he just fricken move?

He sits there and grumbles about poverty yet all reports I read said he has a net worth of over $50 million dollars. So spread the wealth a little more Michael - you surely do not need all that. you could give 50 families a million bucks and still be okay. Or give 100 families half a million. Or .... whatever breakdown you like. How many houses could he buy in impoverished areas so that the families no longer have a mortgage and can work to pay their regular bills and save money --- but as usual, he is one of those who will do some good deeds each year and draw the line, and go home with his multiple millions sitting in the bank and tell everyone else how bad and evil they are. He says capitalism has done nothing for him - then give the freaking money away dude. But he wont do that will he? In fact, I dont care if he does give away most of his money and keeps a mere one million for himself, because that's more money than the vast majority of americans AND canadians have. He is full of crap. I cannot stand it when big names like this go around telling us how we are doing everything wrong, when their bank accounts are bursting at the seems. He is one of many.

Looking at Canadian crime stats online from 2006, the areas with by far the highest violent crime per capita are also areas where there is the highest number of police officers per capita (double the amount per capita compared to other provinces). I also noted that Moore said violent crimes such as murder increased under Harper's watch, but I see stats online that say it reached it's peek back in 1975 and has been declining since then. And oops - who was the PM then? The glorious Trudeau was in from about 68 to 79, and again a bit later. But shhhhhh dont tell anyone.

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  1. Don't tell him to move, the useless piece of fat will move here, especially if the Turd 2 becomes PM.



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