Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's been two years since i Posted!!

First of all, I came in here tonight to change my blog background because it was orange. I did not want it to be confused for Orange Crush support that has turned instagram and twitter hashtags for #abvotes, etc, orange.

I chose a couple of different photos to hashtag #albertaelection and #albertavotes and #albertandp and i think they sum up my opinion quite nicely....

But I am not entirely losing faith, at least not completely, on a federal level. Most of the ridings I looked in detail at actually had more people vote for right-of-center parties than for the left-of-center parties.

For example, in my own riding, 8987 votes came in for WRP and PC combined, with 7225 for the remaining parties combined. The second riding in my region had 11, 898 WRP and PC, with 3729 for remaining parties. My riding ended up with an NDP MLA while the other riding held with the previous WRP MLA keeping his spot. But the whole area is still voting a majority of right-leaning parties at 66% of the total votes. 

I am randomly clicking on other ridings in Alberta that ended up with NDP MLA seats to see what their totals are....

Wetaskawin-Camrose: 7525 NDP - 7633 WRP and PC combined (50.3% majority right-leaning with NDP MLA)

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegerville: 8927 NDP, Liberal, Green, etc - 8650 WRP and PC combined (not a majority but less than 300 votes difference)

Lethbridge-East: 10 112 NDP and Liberal - 8628 WRP and PC (not a majority again, but not exactly a trouncing either)

Lethbridge-West: 11 923 NDP and Liberal - 7055 WRP and PC (okay that is bad, but it's almost 40% right-leaning)

Calgary-Hays: (note PC MLA, just for comparison)  6208 NDP, Liberal, Green, SC - 11233 WRP and PC

Calgary-Acadia: 6267 NDP and Liberal - 9585 WRP and PC combined (61% right-leaning with an NDP MLA)

Calgary-Mackay-Nosehill: 7235 NDP, Liberal, Green - 9558 WRP and PC combined (57% right-leaning votes with NDP MLA)

Calgary-Glenmore: (this is actually a tie at the moment, it is my brother's riding and he told me they are having a recount but as of right now this is the result) 9077 NDP Liberal AP - 12073 WRP and PC (57% majority right-leaning, unknown MLA at this time as PC and NDP tied wth 7015 votes each)

I decided to look at various ridings because I have seen a great number of my liberal friends post "bye bye Harper".. as though they believe the tides are turning since NDP won a majority in Alberta. Could they win a majority federally now?

The official provincial results show NDP with 40.6% of the vote and a majority government of 53 seats. That looks at first glance like a huge hard left turn. PC and Wildrose together only have 31 seats.... but the popular vote puts 52% of Albertans still voting for a right-of-center party with WRP and PC. That doesn't always help when we are talking about the breakdown into seats for MPs in a federal election, but it's not exactly like the majority of Albertans have suddenly become lefties. In fact, the majority of Albertans who voted are still righties. This does not mean the end of Harper quite yet. At least I hope not. I am not a die-hard supporter of any politician really, but I have no problem with Harper and how things have been going in the past 12 years with him as Prime Minister. I do however have nightmare thoughts of Trudeau or Mulclair so I guess we shall see what happens.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes in the Liberal Mind

I have a friend that is a Liberal voter. Very socialist in his thinking and ideas. And admits it full out, as in he labels himself these things. He moved to Canada from England many years ago. He has literally spent years talking about Harper and how evil he is, hoped Obama would win, etc.

But the other day I noticed he was having an interesting conversation with a friend of his back in England, on his twitter. He retweeted his friend's post which was "I will never understand the underclass' fascination with car boot sales #peasants". And then he added his reply which was 'Same over here except it's garage sales".

I was quite floored. Mr Socialist, spending years chanting about the underdog, wanting Liberals to take over, whining about corporations and the evils of conservatism, suddenly publicly denounces those who attend car boot sales and garage sales as the 'underclass' and 'peasants' - by retweeting and agreeing with the statement. Whaaaaaat?

I couldnt let that slide so I decided to tweet back 'that was rather elitist'. He wrote back 'maybe' and added a smiley face. I chose the word elitist on purpose because arent liberals always talking about class warfare, and how the upper class is living off the backs of the lower class, blah blah blah? And yet here he and his friend were, calling carboot sales patrons 'underclass' and 'peasants'. Wow. Here he was declaring himself above those 'peasants' by using the terms, an officially labeling others and participating in class warfare.

That's not very Liberal, is it? And  he is not the only one. I throw him in with the massive class of rich people such as movie celebs who earn so much money it's unfathomable to the majority of human beings, but they flap around claiming to be Liberals and Democrats and caring for those who have less. Ya right. That's why Ben Affleck is going to feed himself on only $1.50 a day. Somehow I dont care what he manages to find to eat for that price, seeing as he wont be living under a bridge every night. He is supposed to be bringing awareness to the plight of poor and homeless, however in the statement I read, he actually mentions 'earning millions' per film. That's right buddy, think how many people you could FEED by passing on more of your own earnings! Instead of this gimmick. Im not saying that he should give away his money, he earned it by people choosing to go to his films, but if these people truly care about the poor that they say conservatives are trying to run into the ground, how can they possibly stand to look at themselves in the mirror? It's aggravating.

Or like my friend, he has had no end of arguments with others (majority of my area votes conservative) on topics like global warming... while living in the biggest house out of any of us and only has one child. Has brand new vehicles every 2 years. Travels (drives) allllll over the place for his job, far more driving than any of the rest of us do, aka pumping more gunk into the atmosphere than his friends and family, buys far more products because he is obsessed with having the best-of and new-everything hence more emissions from the production and distributing of such items, and flies back and forth to england and other parts of the world on a regular basis for holidays while few of us can do that more than every few years... but he is a staunch believer in man made global warming and thinks we need to cut down on emissions. WE, not HE apparently.

Anyway I thought it was an interesting glimpse into a liberal mind. Class warfare, trodding down upon a lower class, and proclaiming it in public and thinking it is funny. Interesting. Liberal seems to stand for 'free' which you would think means people should be free to do what they like as long as it doesnt hurt someone else of course -- so arent these people 'free' to go to car boot sales? Who are they hurting? I lived in England and I know that thousands of people will go to these events. Ive seen it and it was surprising how many went. It's like a social event - put all your junk in the boot-trunk of your car and go to a big field or parking lots, open up the trunk, and people wander around looking at items. Money and products change hands, and everyone goes home. I thought it was a good idea since here, you have to drive around town looking for houses that are having these sales, but in England you just go to one spot and everyone is there. It can look rather like a gypsy camp by the time it's done lol, but people enjoy it. So? Who cares? Some make a living out of it, that's how they make their money and dont have another job. Maybe that is what upsets  my friend, who knows. But seriously, who cares? Or rather - why does HE care. I thought conservatives were the ones who were supposed to be looking down the nose at everyone?

I guess what Margaret Thatcher (whom my friend hated by the way and put Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead on his status) said all those years ago was true - what conservatives were trying to do was bringing the classes closer together but what the Liberals wanted to do would make the class distinctions even worse. She said that in the 80s and I think she was completely right.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Effects of Obamacare?

I have a friend in the southern US who posted something interesting in our group yesterday. I do not know what her political leanings are because she does not talk about that, but I kind of always assumed she was a democrat (if she even votes, I have no idea)... I am telling you this because people will always assume if you are against Obamacare, you must be against Obama and that is the reason for being against the program. That is not true in this case.

My friend works in a high school daycare. She loves her job. She works with the babies of teenagers so that they can go to school and have their child in a safe place right on campus. It is a fully funded program, as in free for the parents. Sounds great right? A perfect social program. This way young moms can finish school and they dont have to pay a cent for their children to be cared for by qualified and caring staff. Great idea for the social program people.

But, with Obamacare, the center may have to close down in 2 years unless they get more funding, or unless they make massive cuts to what they supply and do with the children, staff wages, etc. And the part time staff member's job WILL be cut this fall. And it is possible one full time staff member will be this fall. My friend was the last full time staffer to be hired, so it will most likely be her that gets the axe. The director has been very frank with staff about what is happening because she wants them to be prepared. Even with cutting the part timer and possibly a full timer, the center will not be able to continue past 2 years most likely unless staff get paid a pittance for working there (and who can afford to work in that case?).

She said they do not have a benefit program right now, and my friend of course knew that before being hired, and she was okay with that. She did not take the job because of the benefit package, she took it because she loves working with children and she felt like she was making a difference in their lives, as well as their young mom's lives. She didnt want a benefit program as a reason for taking the job. Now they are forced to do it and it's almost impossible to pay for it. They have some funding rolled over from prior years that they never used, and that is why they may be able to survive for 2 more years. After that, it's not going to happen unless funding is increased, but it does not appear that it's going to happen.

What the hell is going on?? I can tell you right now that if the Alberta govt forced my job to pay for a benefit program, we would close too, so I can totally understand what is happening in my friend's daycare.. But at least we use private fees for most of the income, so we could actually just put the fees up a big chunk and then cater only to the richer families and remain open. But we would not be able to have any low income and probably no middle income families either at those rates, so we would just close. We do not want to cater only to the elite, that is not why the center was opened. But with my friend's workplace, they only get a certain amount of funding from the high school, and the high school has to revamp and increase their benefit program for Obamacare too, and cannot afford to give the daycare any more funding from their coffers either. Well isnt this just peachy? I thought it was supposed to HELP people. Isnt that what supporters have been harping on about?

So basically, in order to 'make sure' that 'everyone has access to affordable health care', an entire high school daycare will be shut down to pay for the program elsewhere (ie inside the highschool itself for staff). All of the moms will have to find somewhere else and seeing as many are poor and of course young, their children could very well end up in sub-par care or their moms may have to drop out of high school and work so they can actually pay for the care, or they may continue with school but have their child in sub par care all day long, and then evenings as well so mommy can work to pay for the care. Hmmm. Isnt that kind of the opposite of what was supposed to happen? If one social program has to close in order to install this new social program, what's the point of that exactly? To me it's a perfect example of the flaws in this plan. Not for profit agencies having to close their doors? That should be a red flag to Democrats and liberals that they overstepped and had a major screw up... but nope....

** for those who may read this and think 'too bad', those girls made the babies and they should be responsible, that's not my point here. think what you want about the high school daycare and free care - what's happening here is the very programs liberals so often champion, like cheap or practically free child care, are being crushed by Obamacare. Was that what they intended to happen? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Where to start...

... i guess i can start with the president's remarks about an AG's looks, since the news covered that first all day too. Many women I know were saying it doesnt matter but I think it does. Not matter for top news, but for his stupid gaffes and ridiculous statements when he thinks he is being funny.

Here is my take on it: What's he going to say to the next female AG that he meets? He can't tell her she is the best looking in the US because he already did that with someone else. But if he doesnt comment on her looks, does that mean he thinks she is as ugly as a pile of bricks? That's where I think it's a problem - it sets a precedent that shouldnt have been set. Is he going to tell another that she has great legs? Nice lips? Beautiful hair? What do you follow that up with when you meet other female AG's in the future?? Seriously. That's why it annoyed me. It's kind of like if you are a woman and you meet the president now and he speaks about you in front of millions of people, if he doesnt compliment your looks somehow, isn't that an unspoken insult? The man is such a tard I can't believe it.

I dont jump on the bandwagon about him being sexist, I just think he is completely stupid. He thinks he is relateable but he is a total dweeb. Im sorry but he is. There is no end of lists of things he has said that were as bad as Biden, if not worse. Look up presidential gaffes if you are bored. But people still put him as higher in intellect than poor GWBush. At least he didnt claim to be a smarty pants ever. He joked about getting Cs in school. Obama is put on a pedestal and has been named in media several times as being one of the smartest and well-learned presidents ever. Oh really? I think they better take that back. the man has said some real boners in his time as Prez. You cant be perfect all the time, but it doesnt take rocket science degrees to know that you just dont say things like that or you will be expected to compliment everyone else too and then it's just going to get silly..


Next, I have been looking into this Gluten-Free fad that everyone seems to be promoting. There are a lot of docs out there now telling people that they are gluten intolerant and need to cut it from their diets. A friend of mine was told this last year while seeing a nutrition homeopathic doc about her weight. He said she is bloated and tired all the time because her stomach cannot handle gluten. I said 'oh you have Celiac's? yikes!', thinking that was what she meant. She said no, she is just intolerant of it because the human body was not meant to digest it and that her doc said that most people are actually intolerant or sensitive and people were just not built to eat grains.

Funny, I have been told that by vegans over the years, that human bodies were not meant to eat meat at all.

Wow. Now we arent supposed to eat gluten either? Well there goes 80% of what I eat - gluten based foods and meat. Oh oh. I should be dead by now or in serious pain. But im not. hmmmm....

So a year goes by and my friend is totally gluten free, as is her whole family. She has been very vigilant about it and makes most things herself from scratch because she doesnt trust a bakery to not keep flour lying around (gee, ya think its really gluten free if its made in a facility also making flour based products??) - and she rarely cheats. Very rarely. She was serious about losing weight after getting very big. Well after a full year she has only lost 10 lbs and looks pretty much the same. I could have told her that myself because I know some people with true Celiac's disease and they are not thin at all lol. But whatever. She doesnt understand what is wrong but her doc led her to believe that removing gluten from her life would magically cure her swelling belly. Nope. Not even her face is thinner.

So I started looking this stuff up awhile back and was surprised to see so many studies and articles linking back to Paleo people - basically those that only eat what they believe cavemen would have eaten. Apparently humans can evolve but they are not allowed to change their diet as they go along for a hundred thousand years? People probably didnt wear much clothing and they didnt speak english as far as we know, so should we stop that too? Or other languages. Hmm interesting. But anyway, the point was that gluten is too hard for the stomach and intestines and cant break down properly, or something like that. But I read other dietary studies that showed gluten was good because it scraped the goo off our tummy lining and that led to digestive health instead. You know - like 'eat your fiber kids, so you can be regular'. But the Paleos say to get fiber from fruits and veg that they list. Somehow I see the other dietary science of scraping the intestines doing a better job than fiberous stuff from fruit, but what do I know? I just found it funny that if I followed links back through studies and books, I ALWAYS ended up at the original source being the paleo-diet people.

I think we need to recognize a fad for what it is - a FAD and not waste our time and money on this. Humans have been eating bread for a long long time according to historical records. Thousands of years. Many thousands of years if you look at various cultures and their mark left on history like tools and drawings. Too bad they couldnt leave us recipe books eh? But as humans have evolved in various ways such as clothing and transportation and brain abilities, apparently we arent supposed to be able to evolve our eating habits. That just seems silly to me. But it also concerns me how some doctors are pushing this. I had a boy at my daycare, who was severely underweight at 2 years old, where his mom took him to a homeopath and the dude tested a hair sample and said her son was intolerant to 34 THINGS!!! 34 things he was not supposed to eat in any form. Yeah try putting weight on a kid who cant eat whole food groups and several individual items. Eventually mom got sick of trying to follow the plan and surprise surprise, we kept stuffing him up and he is now almost at regular weight. Phew. I seriously thought the kid was going to die because his bumb skin was hanging off in folds. HANGING OFF. the only time Ive seen anything like that in my life is on children in the ads for africa. But there it was, hanging off his rear end right in my face when I was changing him. I cried later. It was awful. So that was my experience with a doc telling someone they are intolerant of certain foods after testing his hair. Not allergic, just 'intolerant'.

My friend has a PhD in nutrition and she has started posting all sorts of things on her page to try to make people aware of this new movement and to check into it thouroughly before making such a change. Because keep in mind, a lot of people are already on no-dairy and no-meat kicks as well. add in no-gluten and they are eating fruits and veggies but often not in sufficient quantities to get enough nutrition. How many people would actually sit and calculate the levels of the food they are eating when they dont even want to count something as simple as calories?

And with the push for healthy eating, there are now studies coming out in the US and Canada showing youth as young as grade one presenting at ER with non-anorexic and non-bulemic eating disorders, where the bases was the children being afraid to eat almost anything because of being taught in school about obesity and they could die of a heart attack before they are 18 if they eat this this or that that. It's getting out of hand.

I am not the picture of glowing health myself but I believe in the adage of 'everything in moderation'. Dont go around eating fast food everyday cos it's outrageous in calories and nothing beats a home cooked meal for taste and price anyway. Dont go pigging out on chips and then wonder why you cant lose weight. Try to be active when and where you can. Walk to the corner store instead of driving. Drink water to replenish your blood and keep your organs happy (I notice i get more headaches when im not drinking enough water every day). What's wrong with the old 4 food groups rule? that's so easy to follow. But two or three food groups are being wiped off the map by these fads - dairy, grains, and meats. Oh boy. and we wonder why there is a problem.......

I want to throw in here that when we used to feed the kids at daycare fruits and veg for afternoon snack, we would let them eat as much as they wanted, because hey, it's fruit and veg! Perfect. We would have grapes, apples, oranges, brocoli, celery, cauliflower, and carrots. Parents started asking us to watch how much they ate... not because they wouldnt eat their supper later. But because they would come home on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with the runs. Every time. Ooops. So we started letting them fill their little bowls only twice and in all the years since, we havent had any complaints about the kids getting the trots at home later. Phew. We also stopped serving dark grape juice too because they would have green poop for days lol. But that's another story....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Soda Ban Ban

I just saw this news link..... so is bloombergs ban thrown out now or what!??

Monday, March 4, 2013


So in reference to my previous post about Michael Moore, I decided to think about poverty. Moore said a strong social safety net is needed to support people in poverty so that they do not resort to breaking into homes etc.....

How much stronger of a net do we need?? Seriously - even in the United States, poor people have MUCH more access to assistance than anywhere else in the world. My friend goes to Costa Rica every year and her husband is a doctor and they are planning to move there in the next couple of years to practice medicine. Not because he will get rich, but because the people there are in dire need of EVERYTHING and this family wants to help. As soon as they tie up their finances here and can move down there with buckets of money, they are going to do it. My friend came back a couple weeks ago from her last trip and said that poor people in North America have no idea what poor really is. We HAVE social safety nets here, up the wazoo, and have for a very long time, but there are still people around the world in much more dire circumstances and they have no access to help. But guess what - in all the years my friend has been going there, nothing of their's has ever been stolen. The maids dont pilfer their rooms even though they dont make enough money in one day to use the washing machines at the local laundromat. The local kids dont try to steal my friends' kids phones and music or shoes and clothes. She said they are the most wonderful people she has ever met and she always cries when they have to leave. Youd think, living in such poverty as a one bedroom shack with a dirt floor, those kids would be trying to steal everything in sight to make their lives better - but it has never happened. Not in the town they go to anyway. But she comes back up here and has to lock her house down like fort knox because it has been broken into so many times. Yet the people near her have access to soup kitchens, extremely low priced clothing stores (or free), help with housing payments, health care payments, school payments, etc. She is disgusted by the people up here acting as though they have 'nothing' but not wanting to work for it either. Of course, there are many people out there who work their asses off and get a totally bumb deal in life, but for the most part what I have seen is people being greedy and wanting wanting wanting and not being happy with anything.

I speak from first hand experience through work. I have to watch single moms complain about their daycare bill when it only costs them about $20 a month from their own pocket. Or if you factor in all the CCTB etc they get, they always get free childcare. I watch them drive up in their brand new convertables (seriously, this just happened 2 weeks ago!), or their Jeep Liberty, or their brand new minivan, or whatever cars, and having packs of smokes in their designer purses, dressing their kids in Nike, Ed Hardy, Adidas, Point Zero, etc etc, brand new Nike shoes, or DC, DC hats and coats and fricken lunch kits. Mom having a smart phone, kid getting an iPad or iPod for birthday, and I just want to throw up! That is what you are helping a hell of a lot of people buy for their kids when you slog away at work every day and get hundreds or thousands taken off your cheques before you can put it in the bank. It disgusts me.

I get on the bus with a host of single moms every morning that are going to college. I see their brand new fancy strollers, they are tapping away on their smart phones the whole time, their kids are all decked out - and I watch them get off at another daycare, knowing that we are paying for that, and knowing we are paying for their college too. I dont help them with money so they can have a smart phone and fancy clothes. I want their kid to grow up with a decent roof over their head. Here is my take on it - if they have enough money each month to pay for all that stuff, they are getting too much!!

I think a major problem with robbery etc is actually the Entitlement class we are bringing up. Entititled to have everything right from birth instead of working for it. Wait til all those girls finish college and get a good job and then they might not get any assistance anymore, depending how much they will be making, and they are going to be shocked back into reality big time. What will they tell little joey who cant have DC runners anymore? Is he going to understand that mommy makes too much for assistance now and has to pay for everything herself, and he wont go steal someone else's DC runners? He will suddenly learn to work to buy his own? Hmmm dont hold your breath..

Too much going on

Every day I  think of a topic I want to blog about but there is just too much in my brain and I instead chose not to write about any of it lol. But then today I was reading a blurb on Sun News that said Michael Moore was talking about Canada again via twitter and I went to his page and read them and geezus murphy..... what next?

Moore was posting about how Canadians don't lock their doors because we feel safer and one reason is because we have less poverty. He was comparing numbers such as 18% of Americans live in poverty where only 11% of Canadians do. Apparently that is a reason for us having less inclination to lock our doors.....

I have locked my doors since the 80s lol. I live in a very small city but someone broke into my family's car when I was a teenager, and broke into every unlocked car in our whole crescent, the brazen turds - leaving
 all the doors open so they wouldnt make any noise closing them.. and since then I have also locked the house door. Was it poverty-stricken teenagers or adults breaking into the cars? Is this somehow a reason to take other people's stuff?  I suppose you could say that, because why would well-off kids need to steal, right?

But to act as though no one in Canada locks their doors but tons of Americans do is just plain silly. There was apparently a State Farm Insurance study done in 2008 that said more than half of Americans polled did NOT lock their doors. Well geez, the way michael moore talks, almost everyone does. I would imagine it's the same as up here - more rural areas leave their doors unlocked, and urban areas lock. How many people living in apartment buildings in cities leave their doors unlocked all the time, do ya think?

And I dont always lock mine just because of someone coming in to rob me - I do it to try to keep out rapists, murderers, etc. I have kids and Im not going to leave them prey to some bad person out there if I can help it. Is that a poverty thing too? Are most rapists and murderers doing bad deeds because they are poverty stricken? I dont know about that Mr Moore. When I lived in an apartment with my young son, I didnt have much of value to be stolen, all my stuff was crappy second hand... but I couldnt stand the thought of someone sneaking into my place to hurt me or my child. That was the number one reason I locked up - and I cant even remember a time that rapes had occurred in my city before that time so it's not like I heard something on the news, it was just a habit I got into. Big deal.

So is Canada much different than the US really? I was rather mortified at some of the posts Moore retweeted from Canadians. They were going on about how they dont want to become like the United States, how they left their doors unlocked for so long, they didnt even know where their house keys were, etc. I noticed he chose not to retweet ones that people wrote him saying they DO lock their doors. Only ones where people were tweeting him about unlocking.... well Im sure he could find some americans to retweet about not locking as well, but will he do that? Doubtful. I looked and there were plenty of replies from americans who do NOT lock their doors but he did not retweet. Surprise surprise.

Then he went on about how crime is worse under Harper. Has Moore looked into all the relationships for the stats? Has he looked at population rising, immigration, the high standard of living up here etc to make his comparisons? I didnt see any evidence of that. It's like he is always trying to make Canada look like this wonderful pleasant place where bad things dont happen unless there is a conservative govt, and how canada is going to turn into the US if we are not careful. What a load of donkey crap. Seriously. And if he hates his country so much, why doesnt he just fricken move?

He sits there and grumbles about poverty yet all reports I read said he has a net worth of over $50 million dollars. So spread the wealth a little more Michael - you surely do not need all that. you could give 50 families a million bucks and still be okay. Or give 100 families half a million. Or .... whatever breakdown you like. How many houses could he buy in impoverished areas so that the families no longer have a mortgage and can work to pay their regular bills and save money --- but as usual, he is one of those who will do some good deeds each year and draw the line, and go home with his multiple millions sitting in the bank and tell everyone else how bad and evil they are. He says capitalism has done nothing for him - then give the freaking money away dude. But he wont do that will he? In fact, I dont care if he does give away most of his money and keeps a mere one million for himself, because that's more money than the vast majority of americans AND canadians have. He is full of crap. I cannot stand it when big names like this go around telling us how we are doing everything wrong, when their bank accounts are bursting at the seems. He is one of many.

Looking at Canadian crime stats online from 2006, the areas with by far the highest violent crime per capita are also areas where there is the highest number of police officers per capita (double the amount per capita compared to other provinces). I also noted that Moore said violent crimes such as murder increased under Harper's watch, but I see stats online that say it reached it's peek back in 1975 and has been declining since then. And oops - who was the PM then? The glorious Trudeau was in from about 68 to 79, and again a bit later. But shhhhhh dont tell anyone.


These are my views and opinions. If you don't agree or think I am sadly misguided, that is your view. Feel free to share your thoughts but I also reserve my right to moderate content (IE foul language, excessive flaming, etc).