Friday, February 20, 2009

So So Tired of...

I am so tired of people that can't use their own words and jump on the nearest bandwagon to spew their muck. For the past 1-2 weeks, almost every time I listen to CNN, someone on there tells republican or conservative speakers to 'stop listening to Rush Limbaugh'. I just mentioned this in a previous blog post about Bill Maher, and again in the post about Rush/Bush Derangement Syndrome. What happened? I guess a couple of weeks ago someone first started suggesting that anyone who is against the stimulus or calling for caution about the new president must be listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and someone heard it and used it the next time they got a chance to talk on National tv, and now it has spread like a disease?? I've also heard Sean Hannity named more often, after Pres Obama has named him directly as well.

I just watched the former Republican advisor to Bush commenting on CNN about how the President should be speaking to the people with more optimism, and this other dude (no clue who the heck he was), literally interrupted and guess what he said? He challenged that the former Advisor must have got his words from,,,, you guessed it,,, Rush Limbaugh. OMG I am going to throw up. I should start counting how many times I hear people talking about Rush and blaming him for all the supposedly mindless people who speak out against the President's actions or the stimulus. Honestly it is getting SO ANNOYING.

I loved the advisor's reply though - he said "no, actually, I am speaking as someone who used to work IN the white house and from personal experience about how a President should be speaking to people and inspiring them". That is paraphrased, just so you know. But mannnnnnnnn this other guy was saying the fmr white house advisor got his words from Limbaugh? These comments are really getting old!

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