Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Other Opinions

I was talking with a family member this weekend about the US stimulus package/bills, etc. His mentioned that Obama had to do something and has admitted that it might not work, but at least he was trying.

My response is this: If the economy is going down the toilet and worrisome times are coming, but you aren't quite sure what action is going to have the right effect (if any), WHY oh WHY would you go in with all engines at full speed, dropping an unbelievable amount of non-existent tax payer's money? If your choices are Do Nothing, Put In A Little Bit of Stimulus, or put in The Whole Hog - and all three choices have the same "We Don't Know If This Will Work or Not" tagged on the end, WHY would you choose an extreme, when the extreme could cripple the country beyond belief if it doesn't work???

I still don't think people are getting the concept of TRILLIONS. 20 years ago when I was in high school, that number wasn't even used! It was considered a nonsensical number, useless... now it's thrown around left and right. I heard an example on the radio that some young math students figured out --- if they spent $10,000 a SECOND, it would take 40 YEARS to spend ONE trillion dollars. 10 thousand a second... wow... Now we are talking several trillion in various stimulus and spending bills, when there is already a multi-trillion debt. If you still think that is a responsible thing to do, I can't explain it more than I already have.

I also have another suggestion --- if you have never actually taken the time to sit and listen to what 'right wingers' have to say, I suggest you go to www.sirius.com and sign up for their FREE 3-day trial. You can listen to Sirius Patriot for 3 days on your computer for FREE. There are 4 programs I listen to - Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin (every week day, all day long, 3 hours each)... Try them out before just passing them off as nutjobs. I took time to listen to Sirius Left radio, so you should try listening to the things rights have to say, otherwise I do not believe you are informing yourself properly - which means looking at ALL of the information and forming your opinion AFTER that. Click "Listen Online" and then look for the free 3day trial link. Simple as that.

My family member and I also discussed varying opinions because we often listen to and read different news sources. He acts like I am wrong because I am listening to 'the wrong people'. I'm not saying I listen to the correct ones at all, I just happen to believe what I hear from them and weigh it up with others that I read.. but I found an article yesterday on the same news source I was told I should follow that SUPPORTS things that 'people on the right' have been saying all along. So I wonder what happens when those kinds of articles pop up. Do the left-leaning readers just pass it off as a conservative trying to infiltrate? Do they even read it thoroughly? Who the heck knows. But it is frustrating nonetheless.


  1. I am not sure where you actually live, but have you ever thought of running for a political seat? AS you are the first person in a long time that makes any sense! You would have my vote. You are one of the NON SHEEP is this country!!

  2. I live in MH. And I have always been a writer, not a speaker lol. Thanks though :) I think I am allergic to public speaking because my throat swells up and I get dizzy and delirious. Then I always mutter and say something really stupid ;) So it's just blogging for me, and maybe I'll start the odd Letter To The Editor,,, who knows lol.

    PS - I was a sheep for a long time. I didn't really pay attention to what goes on, I didn't know a lot about politics. I still know very little, it is so complicated (but it shouldn't be). I started getting interested in the spring of 2007 when I started watching Glenn Beck on CNN headline news and then started looking into things myself, and just basically thinking about things in a common sense way (I hope lol).



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