Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh My Flip....

I wanted to say something other than 'flip' but I try to keep my blog clean.

I just followed a link from Chucker Canuck's blog to an opinion piece in the Guardian UK and I might have just spend the last few minutes screaming in frustration.

"Canada's Image Lies In Tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling"

I just commented on someone's blog yesterday that the world keeps being shown isolated photos of the Tar Sands/Oil Sands around Fort MacMurray Alberta and gets the idea the entire country is going to look like that. It drives me insane. First of all, I have cousins who work up there. They moved there from New Brunswick years ago. My coworker/friend's husband also works up there, and some of my other friends' husbands have worked for Syncrude and Suncor for eons. I have seen the lovely photos of the reclaimed areas after they are done CLEANING OUT the bitumen that was soaking the ground throughout the entire region. I have seen the photos and videos of various wildlife that has been attracted back to the area after not being seen for many many years BEFORE these projects even started. My friend's husband recently told me of a Caribou Crossing that was built that no human is allowed to set foot on. There is a lot of good going on up there as well and looking at aerial photos taken 20 years ago and today shows you just how much. Look up some things for yourself. There is such confusing info out there, I tend to listen to people that actually live and work there. My friend is in her 50s and was born and raised in Fort MacMurray. She told me about the caribou also, but said that they had not been migrating through some patches of the oil sands for a very long time, but are now coming back. If you look up the migration info online, it keeps saying that the oil sands projects have changed the migration paths and confused the animals, but in another spot I found that vegetation they normally feed on further north has changed (not in oil sands areas) and they inexplicably changed their migration pattern before even reaching the oil sands projects. It's hard to find correct information but my coworker's husband talked of the new crossing and said the workers are not allowed to put a single toe on it or they will be removed/fired immediately. It seems some are taking this seriously, but you don't see any mention of that online.

I also noticed in the comments section for the above article that someone mentioned Dr O'Connor finding rare cancers down river from some of the tar sands projects but I posted on my blog ages ago where I found that first of all, he misdiagnosed several patients and because of the patients being related (Native Reservation) it was next to impossible to prove that a cancer cluster was occuring, and not to mention the fact that the oil leaking into the water was actually a natural occurance that the project was trying to clean up.. But I digress. Read this bold attack on Canada yourself and decide if you want to be part of the bandwagon that wants to strip our country and our citizens down to bare essentials, all in the name of AGW.

In a slightly related note, Phil Jones announced today that he is stepping down as Director of the CRU while the university investigates the recent release of emails, lovingly referred to as ClimateGate these days.
And then you can check out a post by Musings of the Technical Bard (I promise I did not steal his name LOL I used Random Musings before I discovered any political blogs lol) - "Credibility and Climategate"


  1. Are you suggesting that it is okay to destroy the planet? Stephane Dion is our only hope.


  2. Since I do not reject comments unless they are spam or excessively rotten, I am approving this for fairness and also for the Laugh Factor. Everyone deserves a good belly laugh from time to time.

  3. Yes, it's a ridiculous article. There will be a lot of explaining to do when climate change science is determined not to be a threat to our species.

  4. Marx-A...

    I don't really wanna know
    How your garden grows

    But how do you heat your house?

    (Sorry to Noel Gallagher, but I think he wouldn't mind being paraphrased to speak truth to shee-ite.)

  5. Personally I don't give a rat's rump what the AGW fruitloops think, just so long as they keep buying our "dirty" oil and "hazardous" uranium and "diminishing" forest products. They can send their cash along with their brain-impaired comments. I'll keep the cash and use their hot air to heat my home.

  6. Having wasted too much time on the Guardian site reading the comments left by euro-weenies of all stripes, I'll take a leaf out of our Albertan playbook circa Trudeaupia:

    When the oil sheiks have the eurotrash by the throat and they're freezing in the dark of a cold british winter, we Canadians will be having a merry old time, warm, comfy and well-fed when it's minus 20 outside. So please, kick us out of the UN, the Commonwealth and any other multilateral-crap organisation based on fleecing those of us who can... the money we save by no longer shoveling it down the maw of corrupt, idiotic and otherwise intellectually challenged multinational kafee-klatsch knitting circles will help us adapt to the changing climate. Living in the great white north isn't cheap to start off with, and global cooling is going to make those tar sands even more important to our keeping warm while thumbing our noses at OPEC.

    Canada has no lessons to take from the euro-trash, and if by chance they implode into another of their periodic wars, I do hope we'll treat it as a spectator sport. Giving up all those Canadian lives the last two times wasn't worth the effort.



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