Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes in the Liberal Mind

I have a friend that is a Liberal voter. Very socialist in his thinking and ideas. And admits it full out, as in he labels himself these things. He moved to Canada from England many years ago. He has literally spent years talking about Harper and how evil he is, hoped Obama would win, etc.

But the other day I noticed he was having an interesting conversation with a friend of his back in England, on his twitter. He retweeted his friend's post which was "I will never understand the underclass' fascination with car boot sales #peasants". And then he added his reply which was 'Same over here except it's garage sales".

I was quite floored. Mr Socialist, spending years chanting about the underdog, wanting Liberals to take over, whining about corporations and the evils of conservatism, suddenly publicly denounces those who attend car boot sales and garage sales as the 'underclass' and 'peasants' - by retweeting and agreeing with the statement. Whaaaaaat?

I couldnt let that slide so I decided to tweet back 'that was rather elitist'. He wrote back 'maybe' and added a smiley face. I chose the word elitist on purpose because arent liberals always talking about class warfare, and how the upper class is living off the backs of the lower class, blah blah blah? And yet here he and his friend were, calling carboot sales patrons 'underclass' and 'peasants'. Wow. Here he was declaring himself above those 'peasants' by using the terms, an officially labeling others and participating in class warfare.

That's not very Liberal, is it? And  he is not the only one. I throw him in with the massive class of rich people such as movie celebs who earn so much money it's unfathomable to the majority of human beings, but they flap around claiming to be Liberals and Democrats and caring for those who have less. Ya right. That's why Ben Affleck is going to feed himself on only $1.50 a day. Somehow I dont care what he manages to find to eat for that price, seeing as he wont be living under a bridge every night. He is supposed to be bringing awareness to the plight of poor and homeless, however in the statement I read, he actually mentions 'earning millions' per film. That's right buddy, think how many people you could FEED by passing on more of your own earnings! Instead of this gimmick. Im not saying that he should give away his money, he earned it by people choosing to go to his films, but if these people truly care about the poor that they say conservatives are trying to run into the ground, how can they possibly stand to look at themselves in the mirror? It's aggravating.

Or like my friend, he has had no end of arguments with others (majority of my area votes conservative) on topics like global warming... while living in the biggest house out of any of us and only has one child. Has brand new vehicles every 2 years. Travels (drives) allllll over the place for his job, far more driving than any of the rest of us do, aka pumping more gunk into the atmosphere than his friends and family, buys far more products because he is obsessed with having the best-of and new-everything hence more emissions from the production and distributing of such items, and flies back and forth to england and other parts of the world on a regular basis for holidays while few of us can do that more than every few years... but he is a staunch believer in man made global warming and thinks we need to cut down on emissions. WE, not HE apparently.

Anyway I thought it was an interesting glimpse into a liberal mind. Class warfare, trodding down upon a lower class, and proclaiming it in public and thinking it is funny. Interesting. Liberal seems to stand for 'free' which you would think means people should be free to do what they like as long as it doesnt hurt someone else of course -- so arent these people 'free' to go to car boot sales? Who are they hurting? I lived in England and I know that thousands of people will go to these events. Ive seen it and it was surprising how many went. It's like a social event - put all your junk in the boot-trunk of your car and go to a big field or parking lots, open up the trunk, and people wander around looking at items. Money and products change hands, and everyone goes home. I thought it was a good idea since here, you have to drive around town looking for houses that are having these sales, but in England you just go to one spot and everyone is there. It can look rather like a gypsy camp by the time it's done lol, but people enjoy it. So? Who cares? Some make a living out of it, that's how they make their money and dont have another job. Maybe that is what upsets  my friend, who knows. But seriously, who cares? Or rather - why does HE care. I thought conservatives were the ones who were supposed to be looking down the nose at everyone?

I guess what Margaret Thatcher (whom my friend hated by the way and put Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead on his status) said all those years ago was true - what conservatives were trying to do was bringing the classes closer together but what the Liberals wanted to do would make the class distinctions even worse. She said that in the 80s and I think she was completely right.


  1. I'll be voting for Justin because he has a skill that the Emperor does not.

    Justin Trudeau listens.

    1. Nobody wants to know who your voting for or if Trudeau listens..

  2. Under Conservative govts, the gap between the rich and the poor always increases. your friend sounds like an ass. Vote Liberal.

    1. Would Rather The Poor Were Poorer, Provided The Rich Were Less Rich" ... M. Thatcher

    2. Hmmm,,Nope your the one one who sounds like an ass..I had a poll and they all said it is you that sounds like an ass.Sorry you lose.

  3. You look like a young gal. How come you're so brilliant? I think your friend is more concerned about his "image" than anything else; just as celebs are more concerned about their image and whether or not polishing one's halo raises your public profile and makes you more money.

  4. Your friend sounds like a "progressive". One thing is for sure with "progressives" they are always the opposite of what they say, colossal hypocrites, liars and phonies.



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